Background and Overview

The Australian Institute of Health & Safety conducts certification of the Generalist OHS Profession, through a program which acknowledges the capability and credibility of OHS Practitioners and Professionals though the combination of their education and work experience.

Certification of the OHS Profession sets standards of education, experience, and demonstrated knowledge and skills and evaluates people against those standards. It gives increased confidence and guidance to employers, clients, workers and the community as to the competence and standing of the person providing professional advice, and assist in the active promotion of the profession in industry and the wider community. The program is set at a high standard internationally, with certified Practitioners and Professionals actively promoted.

To help you understand a bit more about OHS Certification program, application process and professional certification pathway, you can access the OHS Certification webinar here.

The AIHS takes a strong interest in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) because it ensures we continue to be competent in our profession. It is an on-going process and continues throughout our careers. Commitment to CPD ensures individuals routinely reflect and review their current knowledge and skill level to guide and focus on building their professional standing. 

 AIHS Certified Practitioners and Professionals are required to complete CPD to maintain their annual certification registration, further information can be found here

Certification Committee Member, Jo Kitney provides an overview of the certification process

Levels of Training and Achievement

Professional (ChOHSP)