BoK Audio Chapter 19: Psychological Hazards

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Chapter 19: Psychological Hazards

Exposure to work-related psychosocial hazards is escalating in today’s 24-hour society which is increasingly dominated by knowledge work and digital economies. This chapter – the first of three chapters focused on psychosocial hazards – introduces the topic and provides an overview of key concepts related to psychosocial hazards. It presents a framework of ten psychosocial hazards that increase the risk of injury/illness: time pressure/role overload; emotional demands; poorly defined work roles; interpersonal or team conflict; poorly managed change; lack of job control; lack of supervisor and/or co-worker support; organisational injustice; inadequate reward and recognition, and certain environmental conditions. The risk-assessment process for psychosocial hazards is outlined and implications for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) practice are discussed

Keywords: Psychosocial hazards, occupational stress, psychological injury, mental health, work

First year of publication: 2012
Current Version: 2020

The written chapter can be viewed and downloaded at is external)

Chapter 19: Psychosocial hazards. (n.d.). The OHS Body of Knowledge.

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