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Two awards are presented by the AIHS for service to the AIHS and outstanding contribution to the field of health and safety.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award has been created to recognise exemplary service to the field of health and safety in Australian workplaces and acknowledges long term and influential contribution to the profession with tangible outcomes in OHS/WHS.

NB: Any person can be nominated for this award. Nominator and seconder must be financial members of the AIHS.

Life Membership Award

This award is one of the highest AIHS awards that can be bestowed on a member of the Institute. It is a National Award and is awarded to a member who has at least fifteen years of continuous service with the Institute, and has given a minimum of ten years of outstanding service.

NB: Both the nominator and candidate must be a financial member of the AIHS.

Winners of these awards have generally shown outstanding dedication to AIHS's various activities, policy work and various leadership groups.