Our Vision is safe and healthy people in productive workplaces and communities.

Everything we do is about shaping workplace health and safety now and in the generations to come, because we believe that every Australian deserves to be safe and healthy at work.

We focus our resources on:

Supporting the development of world-class health and safety practice:

  • Developing and refining the body of knowledge for health and safety;
  • Improving health and safety education and training;
  • Building strong professional development frameworks;
  • Keeping the profession well informed; and
  • Supporting stronger networking and engagement.

Providing a collective voice for the profession:

  • Advocating with courage on policy which improves legislation, regulation and standards.

Adding further value to Australian industry:

  • Clarifying health and safety role definitions and skillsets;
  • Promoting the profession and its work at all levels, from Boards and managers through to workers and the supply chain; and
  • Directly providing knowledge and information on health and safety.

Working to improve health and safety for future generations:

  • Educating the wider community.

Our Values

Integrity:  We are ethical, and act with honesty and accountability

Legacy:  We honour the contributions that have built what is here today

Diversity:  We respect each other's diverse perspectives

Leadership: We drive positive change within industries, organisations and our community

Humanity:  We are passionate about health and safety because we care about people and community

Innovation: We think forward and encourage new ways of improving health and safety.

Acknowledging our Legacy

We not only recognise the generations of health and safety members of the Institute, but also recognise that we now operate throughout Australia, across a wide range of traditional Aboriginal lands in each state and territory and in doing so we acknowledge our indigenous members, and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging in all of the things we do.