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Our Vision is safe and healthy people in productive workplaces and communities.

Our Mission is to proactively shape and improve workplace health and safety now and in the generations to come.

How we pursue our Mission

  • We provide a collective voice for the profession and add value to workplaces by supporting and educating the profession to develop and implement world class practice.
  • We support developments in health and safety practice by facilitating learning and engagement, providing forums for professional discussion and debate, and networks for peer-to-peer mentoring and learning.
  • We support growth in professional capability.
  • We seek to continually improve health and safety education and training through the OHS Body of Knowledge and delivery of relevant services.
  • We advocate with courage on policy which improves legislation, regulation and standards.
  • We promote awareness and build knowledge of health and safety throughout the wider community.
  • We build knowledge of, and raise the importance of, the health and safety role at all levels of industries and workplaces from Boards and managers through to workers and the supply chain.


In the conduct of our activities and in the behaviour of all of our representatives, from board members, staff members, branch representatives
and throughout our membership, we seek to reflect the following values:

  • Openness and transparency - While protecting individual rights to privacy and organisational responsibilities, we are open in our dealings with
  • Our own membership and with other stakeholders.
  • Delivering and executing - We judge ourselves and are judged by others on not just our words but our actions. Our focus is on delivering results.
  • Listening and learning - We will be informed by the insights of our diverse membership and other stakeholders.
  • Acting with integrity and respect - The leadership of the SIA: its governors, staff and many volunteer leaders will act with integrity and show respect for others and the diversity of their views.
  • Being collaborative - We seek to achieve our goals through collaboration and partnerships with organisations that share our vision and our values.