The Institute is a place where the profession is working together to build entirely new, long-term ways to connect health and safety people, share experiences and learn new things.


Counselling Support for AIHS Members;

We have joined with Mary Mackenzie Counselling and Coaching to ensure that any member can have an initial general counselling consultation to de-brief, identify the challenges they are facing, and how they might begin to deal with those challenges in the weeks and months ahead. 

Safe365 free software 

The AIHS's corporate member SAFE365 has made key elements of their online health and safety systems software available open-source and free of charge to AIHS members via a new app, to assist companies to tackle their current health and safety challenges.  

ILO Safe return to work

The International Labour Organization published Safe return to work, which is the Guide for employers on COVID-19 prevention. The publication aims to provide general guidance and information to employers on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, to enable workers to return to work safely while keeping the risk of contamination as low as possible. It also provides ideas on how to protect workers’ mental well-being during the pandemic. Click here to find more.

COVID-19 Information for Workplaces

Exposure to COVID-19 is a potential hazard for workers and other people at workplaces. Employers must have measures in place to protect worker health and safety and manage these risks. Go to Safe Work Australia's web page Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice for PCBUs for more information.  

COVID19 Guide for Small Business

Click here to read more about COVID19 Guide for Small Business.

COVID19 Campaign

The Institute is campaigning for changes to better protect the health and safety of healthcare workers during this pandemic - not just in Victoria, but in other states and territories. You can help by getting behind this campaign. Click here to find out more. 

Watch & Learn


 The institute is providing an ongoing diverse range of professional development opportunities online through the coming weeks and months. Our events calendar is constantly evolving and being updated, so keep your eye out. 

Art of Work COVID-19 Critical Risk RESOURCE CENTRE​


With Art of Work, AIHS is building a curated knowledge base of information: recorded webinars, videos and written information to support the profession get access to good quality material, focusing on risk management. These webinars are happening now, weekly. 

AIHS Free Webinars and Video



Safety on Tap has created this initiative as a weekly virtual, real-time collaboration session. It’s about sharing, connecting, checking in, supporting each other and learning – all in real-time. Anyone can be part of it.


Safety on Tap's platform is for rapid collaboration, learning and sharing between health and safety professionals. Help others get information and share knowledge and get access to knowledge yourself. Health and safety professionals, anywhere in the world, can register for the weekly 'Office Hours Together' sessions, and register their interest to join the online collaboration platform 'Together'.

AIHS Mentorship Program

The AIHS Mentors are willing to help and connect with AIHS members who are new to the industry or interested in growing their knowledge and skills in particular areas. Under COVID-19,the AIHS believes the mentorship program is more important than ever to help people grow in health and safety industry.