The purpose of these awards is to provide an opportunity for students studying occupational health and safety at university level, and demonstrating high levels of achievement and initiative, to be recognised by the Australian Institute of Health & Safety. 

These awards are not designed to recognise the highest academic achiever, but to recognise the potential in students who display consistently high academic standards, practical skills and a commitment to, and involvement in, occupational health and safety. 

There are two national awards recognising excellence among students of OHS. 

The Eric Wigglesworth OHS Education Award is open to state winners of the PhD/doctorate category and the AIHS National OHS Education Award is open to winners of the Postgraduate and Undergraduate category. 

In offering the national education awards it is not the intention of the Australian Institute of Health & Safety to repeat the academic process of assessment conducted by the educational institution but to provide an OHS professional perspective to educational outcomes that have already been considered exceptional by their own educational institutions and in the state education awards conducted by the Australian Institute of Health & Safety.

Selection Process and Criteria
The judging for the National Education Awards is solely based on the specified project nominated by the applicant as part of the state awards process. 
Information is sought against the criteria of:

  • Technical and theoretical knowledge;
  • Ability to access, analyse and evaluate information;
  • Ability to solve problems related to OHS;
  • Communication skills to transmit knowledge, skills and ideas;
  • Demonstrated application of knowledge and skills in practical situations.

The review process considers the project report and the applicant’s defence of the report in interview.  If the judges deem it necessary or appropriate, further comment may be obtained from the relevant industry.  In the PhD/doctorate category it is expected that, as part of demonstrating professional communication skills the candidates will have published a report on their project in an appropriate journal which may include Safety In Australia, industry journals appropriate to the project topic, or relevant peer reviewed journals.

The winners of the Postgraduate and Undergraduate award receive the following: 
- Commemorative medal and certificate
- Professional Development Fund to the value of $1,000.00 AUD
- Travel and accommodation from home state to the awards presentation
- Membership of the AIHS for one year 
- Plaque for the educational institution

To download the judging criteria for the Postgraduate and Undergraduate please click here.