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This webinar was originally presented on 28 July 2020

Working from home the new normal – requiring a new approach to health and safety

Working from home might be the new normal but it can’t be assumed that the same work can be done in the same way, just in a different location. Safe, healthy and productive working from home requires that we think about work and design work differently.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home was often limited by a lack of trust by managers, their need to see people in the workplace to be convinced that they were working. The forced move to working from home brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated to managers that working from home could be productive, often more so than in the office.

However, the health and safety issues, particularly psychological health issues, are different to those in the face-to-face work environment and they require a different approach – more online meetings, webinars and checklists just do not cut it.

Designing work for working from home requires a holistic approach – manager, worker, OHS, HR supported by organisational policies.

Through surveys and interviews with OHS professionals, the OHS Body of Knowledge and the Australian Institute for Health & Safety (AIHS) has developed guidance and a model for designing work for working from home.

While there is a plethora of information focusing on individual workers and what they should do, this guidance is developed for those who should be involved in designing the work – managers, supervisors OHS professionals, Human Resources and the workers themselves.

In this webinar the authors of the OHS of the Body of Knowledge chapter on Workers Working from Home together with an OHS professional will answer your questions, discuss the challenges of working from home and explore the way forward.

The OHS Body of Knowledge chapter on Workers Working from Home is freely available at

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Pam Pryor, Manager OHS Body of Knowledge Development, AIHS


David Provan, Managing Director, Forge Works


Geoff Hoad, Chief Safety Officer, Blacktown City Council

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