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Webinar presentation titled: The Unseen Behaviours of Great Safety Leaders. Presented by Carl Tinsley, Managing Director, Breaking Ground PTY LTD

This webinar was presented live on the 10 June 2020

Influencing a Management Team, Supervisor or Operator all require unique conversational and non-verbal communication techniques: with one overriding attribute; a perception of Authority. HSE professionals need to be the most skilled of Influencers because we work every day in a complex behavioural, psychological and compliance-driven environment. Failure to communicate authentically and effectively builds resistance, decreases compliance and causes preventable errors and incidents.

This session describes and trains some of the latest techniques and research in Authoritative Leadership, Visionary Leadership, and Focused Leadership from the "Centre of Applied Behavior Research" in the US and applies it specifically to HSE professionals. Being a Certified Behavioural Profiler, Carl helps HSE professionals read their Followers and Leaders effectively, but most importantly Carl turns this information around to help HSE professionals Lead others effortlessly to provide a safer workplace. Carl lives by the motto: "We Rise By Lifting Others". This session embodies that philosophy.

Develop a working understanding of the 4 Reasons Why Leaders Fail and why being perceived as an Authority is essential for any Safety Professional: 

  • Authority- how to be perceived as the authority figure in any interaction.
  • Learn why Authority is different from Dominance
  • Focus- how to converse with individuals and small groups to make them feel valued.
  • Visionary- how to communicate a future image that captures the imagination and sparks motivation.
  • Warmth- how to communicate with compassion, empathy, and kindness so other FELT your concern.
  • How to combine the above to tell a story that paints a future vision and helps everyone jump on the same journey, the HSE journey.
  • Learn why Supervisors are often a misdirected resource in the battle to reduce At-Risk behaviors.
  • The Authority Drivers - comprehend and describe the five unconscious Authority Drivers that trigger compliant behaviors, and
  • Develop a working knowledge of the biological drivers of Trust, Distrust, Authority, and Vulnerability.

AIHS / AIOH / HFESA Members - $10.00 +GST
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Carl Tinsley, Managing Director, Breaking Ground PTY LTD

Carl provides applied Leadership behaviour training to Safety Professionals, Executives, and Frontline/First-time Leaders. He develops their behavioural and communication skills to reduce preventable errors and incidents. Carl is one of three people in Australia qualified in the Ellipsis Behavior Profiling System. Carl combines this behavioural analysis and leadership capability with qualifications in Conversational IQ and Conversational Hypnosis to provide participants of his training with new skills that can be applied immediately. After 20+ years working in the emergency services, mining and utilities sector, Carl is pleased to say he has grown into a genuine presenter after beginning as a shy and introverted trainer. Carl specialises in developing leaders to deliver real Authority through Charismatic Communication, Focus through Presence and Vision through Emotional Content. Carl embodies these beliefs in his communication and presentation style.

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