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Webinar presentation titled: The practical strategies for violence prevention. This presentation will be presented by Philippa Woolf, Director at ACIM Solutions.

This webinar presentation was originally held on the 9th September 2020

The issue of increasing occupational violence in the workplace is a trend occurring around Australia and even globally. In 2018, the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Violence Against Emergency Services Personnel handed down its findings and identified the impact specifically on emergency service workers of the increased incidence of aggression.

In 2018 ACIM Solutions collaborated with NSW Ambulance to develop a tailored learning program, “Protected at Work” on occupational violence prevention specifically designed to support paramedics.

The one day practical and interactive workshop was developed after lengthy consultation with stakeholders focuses on developing practical skills to support paramedics deal with the increased volatility and aggression they are experiencing and addressed the drivers of aggressive behaviours, personal safety management through dynamic risk assessments, situational awareness in unpredictable environments, self defence techniques and communication and de-escalation skills. Participants are asked to use self reflective practices throughout the workshop to identify areas for personal improvement.

Participant feedback has been very positive however an independent evaluation research project has been commenced on the effectiveness of this program which should be available early in 2020.

Although an example of one violence prevention program, these concepts have been applied in a broader context to a range of organisations who are
a) undertaking work in unpredictable and volatile environments particularly when working in the community.
b) employ younger workers who are particularly vulnerable

The focus of the program is on developing positive protective behavioural practices for staff to build confidence and improve safety outcomes both psychological and physical. Similarly a focus on tailored program development and incorporate improved risk assessment processes and communication skills at a practical level has ensured safer work environments.

1. It is critical that all organisations recognise the impact of the acknowledged increase in occupational violence experienced by their workforce.

2. In order to build confidence and skills to prevent and manage volatile and heightened situations, participants need an opportunity to practice techniques to understand the importance of developing protective behavioural habits.

3. The design of a bespoke program recognises the operating context, organisational culture and that is aligned with relevant policies, procedures and organisation specific risk management processes provides the best opportunity to develop a sustainable organisational capacity to prevent and manage occupational violence.


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Phillippa Woolf, Director, ACIM Solutions

Philippa established the RTO #41002, ACIM Solutions when she left the Regional Exec Team of the NSW Police Force after 25 years’ service.  Philippa held a range of senior and diverse management positions during her policing career including working at the Major Crime Squad and task forces investigating serious criminal matters. Following those duties, Philippa was promoted to the role of co-ordinating over 300 specialist resources (Negotiators, Special Weapons and Public Order teams) to respond to high risk and volatile public order incidents across the Northern quadrant of NSW. For 5 years, Philippa held the position of HR Manager, Northern Region. In this role Philippa was the internal people management consultant responsible for HR strategy and implementation for 2400. Her direct report functions included the L and D, WHS and injury management teams. Since founding ACIM Solutions Philippa and her team have worked with public and private sector organisations across Australia developing teams in investigation, compliance and emergency management.  ACIM Solutions is a preferred provider for NSW Govt in relation to occupational violence prevention programs and has partnered with NSW Ambulance since 2018 delivering tailored programs.

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