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Safety is about more than skills and systems. It’s about people. Providing workers with safety skills and systems hasn’t been enough to stop workers being killed, seriously injured or are contracting illness or disease as a result of work. A safety conscious organisation needs high-performing people who present to each shift with a clear and focused mind.

This journey starts with individuals having the right mindset, where they can approach every task with an engaged, considered and methodical attitude. It also requires individuals to have a common set of beliefs about working safely. Recognising the legislative and cost impacts of workplace safety, a mindful safety empowers workers with the mental control to apply their skills to every task. This work represents an evolution in lead safety metrics towards the measurement of the Safety Mindset and therefore recognition of the safety thinking process that influence safety decisions at the team member level. By understanding the principal determinants of the Safety Mindset, we can identify specific and addressable safety behaviours within an organisation and therefore improve the effectiveness of safety management systems and strategies. Recognising that the Safety Mindset represents a complex, interdependent relationship of cognitive processes, a quantitative diagnostic tool has been developed that provides a baseline from which to measure the impact of the Safety Mindset on work safety metrics.


This work targets key organisational challenges impacting risk management in order to build high performance safety cultures:

- Negative cultures and disengaged workers;
- Poor risk decision making practices;
- Entrenched beliefs and behaviours.

The key takeaway is how our safety mindset influences these aspects in the workplace, the factors affect our safety mindset and how to positively influence these for better safety outcomes.

AIHS Members: $10.00 + GST
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Alistair Schuback, CEO, AFrames Safety
Alistair has over 17 years frontline experience in safety cultural change. Having personally trained over 17,000 Australian workers over 17 years, Alistair’s practical experience has delivered solid results in the traditionally difficult cultural industries such as mining and construction. His innovative approach involves a unique blend of mindfulness-based, high-performance thinking strategies and risk management processes and is at the forefront of safety culture and optimal risk decision making internationally. He has worked for numerous international companies and has performed cultural programs for Komatsu, Schindler, Peabody, John Deere, Newcrest, Yancoal and Byrnecut Australia. His work with numerous multi-national companies is generating amazing results that are redefining what is achievable with a positive safety mindset.

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