Code of Ethics for AIHS Members

The work of the health and safety professional can be challenging and can present ethical dilemmas from time to time. How each person responds to these ethical challenges is an important part of the responsibilities of health and safety professionals. Operating at all times with the health and safety of the workforce being paramount is one of defining elements of the work of the profession. All members of the Institute and people certified, agree to comply with a Code of Ethics, and in committing to the code they are agreeing to contribute to the prevention of harm in the workplace and promotion of people’s safety and health through the design and conduct of good work.

In making this commitment, signatories to this Code agree to uphold the values of: Integrity, objectivity; impartiality; professional competence; professional behaviour; and confidentiality and disclosure.

The code, and further details of how people are expected to apply these values, can be found here.