WorkSafe NT: Changes to Workers Compensation Legislation

Thursday, 21 June, 2012 - 10:00
Industry news

WorkSafe NT have announced amendments to the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (the Act). These amendments have been developed with input from the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Advisory Council, Unions and industry representatives.
The amendments include:

  • Changes to the definition of 'worker',removing the reference to the Australian Business Number and clarifying a test for determining whether a person is a worker or a true independent contractor.
  • Amendments to allow access to compensation by workers who reside overseas but are injured in Australia.
  • Amendments to provide immediate access to compensation for older workers who are injured.
  • Amendments to the types of benefits that can be taken into account in calculating the worker's normal weekly earnings for the purposes of payment of weekly compensation.
  • Changes to the interest rate payable on late payments of weekly compensation to bring it in line with the interest rate applicable to Supreme Court judgement debts.
  • Amendments to provide power of the Supreme Court to remit matters back to the Work Health Court.

WorkSafe NT have developed and released information bulletins to assist stakeholders understand the changes. The bulletin topics include:

  • New Definition of a Worker
  • Continued Weekly Compensation Payments Outside Australia
  • New Age Limits for Workers Compensation Payments
  • Non Cash Benefits
  • New Interest Rate on Late Compensation Payments

To access the bulletins, and seek further information, head to the WorkSafe NT website at: