Western Australia: Police Safety Blitz reveal truck safety issues

Thursday, 9 August, 2012 - 10:00
Industry news

An ABC report found that a police safety blitz revealed almost half of nearly 200 heavy trucks stopped on roads in the South West last week had safety defects.

This clearly raises important safety issues for any of our members working with the transport industry.

It was reported that of the 196 trucks police stopped and inspected, 85 had work orders issued. The defects reportedly included faulty seat-belts, bald tyres and cracked windscreens.

The ABC report quotes a police spokesman as noting "When you're looking at vehicles that are 25 or 30 tonnes pulling fairly large trailers, to have bald tyres, suspension that's not working, brakes that aren't operating correctly, seatbelts that aren't working properly, it can be very concerning to the motorists who have to drive on the same road as them".

For more information, see the full ABC report.