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VIC: Truck driver fatally hit by own vehicle

Tuesday, 5 February, 2019 - 10:15
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A truck driver recently died after being run over by the truck he was using to collect a full 10-tonne rubbish skip bin off the road at a workplace.

The driver, 55, had left the cabin of his vehicle when the truck moved and struck him before it crashed through a side fence and into a garage on an adjoining property.

WorkSafe is investigating this incident and reminded duty holders – employers, contractors, self-employed persons and other persons who have management or control of a workplace – of the risk control requirements that are applicable while operating vehicles.

In a subsequent alert, the regulator urged everyone to ensure that vehicles are regularly serviced, properly maintained and comply with all manufacturer’s specifications, including being equipped with appropriate safety equipment such as tailgate lifters and trolleys.

It also warned against drivers exiting vehicles without having first applied the parking brake by installing a parking brake alarm system. Parking brake alarm systems are readily available and can be retrofitted to most trucks.

WorkSafe Victoria has seen an increase in workplace incidents involving vehicles, with another vehicle injuring members of the public on the same day as this fatality.

To reduce the risks associated with operating vehicles in the workplace, WorkSafe said to:

  • Minimise in-cabin distractions (eg loud music) and vibration (eg uncomfortable seating)
  • Ensure drivers are not impaired by drugs, alcohol or fatigue
  • Discourage bad driving behaviors such as speeding and tailgating.