SKYbrary Highlight: HindSight Magazine - Fatigue

Wednesday, 30 March, 2011 - 11:00
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HindSight Magazine - Fatigue


The 13th edition of EUROCONTROL's safety magazine has now been published and focuses on Fatigue with a wide range of articles from regular and guest authors. You can read all of the articles on-line or subscribe for a hardcopy to be sent to you by post free of charge...

Table of Contents of the summer 2011 issue

  • "It's about time - and how to use it" - by Bert Ruitenberg
  • "The ethics of fatigue" - by Professor Sidney Dekker
  • "Case Study: It's a long way from Tipperary" - by Bengt Collin
  • "Sleep and fatigue" - by Alberto Iovino
  • "Dying for a rest! : how much of a problem is fatigue?" by Anne Isaac
  • "I know when I'm tired!" - by Andy Kilner and Nuno Cebola
  • "Is Controller fatigue as big a problem as pilot fatigue?" by Gerard van Es
  • "In the zone" - by Keith Cartmale and Ellen Beckers
  • "Using caffeine strategically to combat fatigue" - by Dr Alexandra Holmes
  • "A Fatigue Risk Management System - The Way Forward?" - by Lydia Hambour
  • "But how do we measure it?" - by Dr. Arnab Majumdar
  • "Fatigue in Air Traffic Control" by Professor Philippe Cabon
  • "Did you say fatigue regulation?" - by Stéphane Deharvengt
  • "Fatigue and Alertness Management for ATC: does it really have to pay off?" by Jean-Jacques Speyer
  • "Breaks from operational duty" by Steven Shorrock
  • "Cross country skiing in Norway - don't jump to conclusions!" - by Beate Tellevik

Enjoy reading!