SIA Organisational Progress Update

Monday, 6 July, 2009 - 10:00
Industry news

Dear SIA Members 

This organisational progress update provides summary information on the latest developments, changes and news to advance the work of the SIA Ltd and the contribution of its members throughout Australia and overseas.

1. SIA Ltd total Membership (national and international) passes 3,600 - warm welcome to new individual members and Corporate Partners

I am delighted to announce that the total membership (national and international) of the Safety Institute of Australia Ltd (SIA) has now passed 3,600 and the trend over the past 12-15 months of 50-100 new members joining per month has continued even during the Christmas period. A total of 90 new members joined during February.

For the period ending 28 February 2010, the total number of financial members was 3615 and the distribution of SIA Ltd members living in Australian States or Territories was as follows: VIC - 1074; NSW - 826; ACT - 88; QLD/NT - 846; WA - 527; SA - 188; and TAS - 66. The 3615 total included 43 Corporate Partners. International members are included in the QLD/NT total. 

On behalf of the SIA National Board of Management (NBOM), I extend a warm welcome to all of our new members throughout Australia and overseas. They are vital to the future growth and prosperity of the SIA. Please note that most new members are joining and, where appropriate, seeking professional grading via the SIA Website online facility.

As a general point about SIA membership, I would just like to clarify that all current (3615+) members have joined the SIA Ltd as a national organisation. There is no provision whatsoever, and there never has been, in the membership application process (whether online or hard copy) for a person joining SIA Ltd to also be regarded as a member of a particular SIA Division, Chapter or affiliated Division or Body. If anyone needs further clarification on this matter please contact Gary Lawson-Smith, CEO SIA, on T: 03 8336 1995 or E: .

2. SIA National Publications; Media Releases; Technical Issues - inviting member input, articles, suggestions

The SIA' national publications are (i) OHS Professional enews (weekly eNewsletter); (ii) OHS ProfessionalJournal of Health and Safety Research & Practice (peer-reviewed scientific journal, twice yearly). Our publisher is LexisNexis Media and the SIA' Editor for these publications is Dr Steve Cowley FSIA. (quarterly magazine); and

The March issue of OHS Professional is about to be sent for printing and distribution; and the information cut-off dates for the next three issues are June issue (Friday 21 May); September issue (Friday 21 August); and November issue (Friday 22 October). The next two issues of the Journal of Health and Safety Research & Practice are scheduled to be distributed in May and October.

I strongly encourage all SIA members to consider "What You Can Do for the SIA" to improve the OHS / safety profession and the standing of the Institute nationally and locally, in terms of the following. Please address such proposed articles and suggestions to the CEO SIA at E: who will re-distribute such input to the appropriate area or person:

(i)             Contributing proposed articles for any of these publications in 2010 and beyond;

(ii)            Providing constructive suggestions for improvements and media releases etc; and

(iii)           Adding new stimulating posts on the SIA website Discussion Forums, whether associated with Special Interest Groups; the Members or Public Discussion Forums. 

The SIA's recent media release titled "Take Safety for Granted and Death and Injury Result" concerning the Federal Government's now cancelled Insulation Subsidy Program was initiated by quality text provided by Jonathan Amies CFSIA. Similarly, our media release on the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission Interim Report was initiated by text provided by Neville Betts CFSIA. In both cases, the draft material was examined by a small team comprising the Dr Geoff Dell CFSIA, Dean College of Fellows; Dr George Rechnitzer FSIA, Chair National Technical Panel; and the CEO Gary Lawson-Smith, prior to a final draft being presented to the SIA National Executive for approval prior to dispatch.

The NBOM and management don't pretend to have the answers to all health and safety related issues. We also can't promise that whatever is submitted by a member will be included in a SIA national publication or media release etc, but one thing is for sure, the strength and influence of the SIA Ltd as a national organisation / peak body with 3,600+ members will only be achieved through professional contributions from its members, e.g. case studies, evidence-based material, to assist with promoting health and safety prevention and continuous improvement. 

The SIA' National Technical Panel (NTP) currently comprises a total of 25 members from around Australia, would also welcome input from any member on any technical issue that should be considered by the NTP, that may be used as the basis of a SIA submission on a proposed legislative, Act or Regulation or Code of Practice change proposal or OHS or safety related inquiry or investigation etc.

3. SIA Corporate Restructure Project to involve member input throughout and the final decision  

The NBOM has recently formed a SIA Corporate Restructure Project Team, with David Segrott CPMSIA, as the Project Manager. David is a member of the NBOM and SIA National Public Officer. David is supported by NBOM members Sue Pilkington FSIA; Sue Bottrell CPMSIA; Phil Lovelock CFSIA; and CEO Gary Lawson-Smith and Kate Telfer; and George Raitt, Partner of Piper Alderman Lawyers. The first meeting of this project team will occur this week to initiate the development of a project plan and associated communications strategy. Please be assured that this major project will be encouraging member input throughout its life and whether the Institute decides to move from its current Incorporated structure(s) to a Public Company Limited by Guarantee will require at least 75% of members to vote in favour of such a change.    

4. SIA Events - large and small, congratulations to the organising committees and staff involved

It is very pleasing to visit the SIA website Home Page ( and see the number of SIA events conducted or planned (at this stage), some in conjunction with Australian Exhibition & Conferences (AEC) to be conducted around Australia during the remainder of 2010. For details on how to register online or respond to the Call for Papers etc please visit the SIA website:

  • OHS Education Chapter ~ OHS Body of Knowledge development and implementation project remains on-track following a 2-day workshop in Melbourne last month, that was attended by representatives from most Universities in Australia and New Zealand who conduct OHS courses; and the SIA College of Fellows;
  • Another most successful VIC Division ~ Women in OHS Network Breakfast was conducted yesterday in Melbourne with 110 attendees;
  • TAS Division ~ "Harmonised OHS Legislation - Implications for Industry" breakfast meeting, Hobart on 23 March;
  • NSW Division ~ "Breakfast - 2010 Legislative Update", Haymarket on 29 March;
  • ACT Division ~ "Women in Safety Network Breakfast", in Canberra on 15 April;
  • SIA College of Fellows ~ Inaugural annual "Dr Eric Wigglesworth AM - Memorial Lecture" will be delivered by Professor Patrick Hudson, Melbourne on 19 April;
  • VIC Division /AEC ~ "Safety In Action 2010 Conference & Trade Show", Melbourne from 20-22 April inclusive;
  • SA Division ~ "Warning, New Safety Idea Breakfast" with Professor Patrick Hudson, Adelaide on 23 April;
  • QLD/NT Division ~ "Inaugural NT OHS Conference", Darwin on 21 May;
  • WA Division / IFAP / AEC ~ "WA Safety Conference & Show 2010", Perth, 24-26 August;
  • QLD/NT Division ~ "18th Annual OHS Conference - Visions 2010 Conference", Gold Coast, 15-17 September; and
  • NSW Division / ACT Division / AEC ~ "The 2010 Safety Show & Conference", Sydney Showground, 26-28 October.

5. Invitation from the IOSH President to attend the IOSH10 Conference & Exhibition, Glasgow, Scotland

With the support of the majority of the NBOM, I have accepted an invitation from John Holden IOSH President to represent the SIA Ltd at the IOSH10 Conference & Exhibition which is planned to be conducted in Glasgow, Scotland from 24-25 March. This year's conference, "Health and Safety: Making the Case" will offer over 50 expert speakers, 30 conference sessions, and an opportunity to network with over 1,200 like-minded health and safety professionals. My visit, with my wife Margaret, will also enable me to have discussions in London at the IOSH Head Office about the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the SIA and IOSH which was originally established in 2001 and updated and signed last October in Sydney; and to explore important issues such as Continuing Professional Development and reciprocity of gradings.

6. SIA National Office - new staff member welcomed

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to Kate Telfer who commenced last week in a part-time role to assist with SIA Marketing & Communications. Kate's employment history includes Channel 9, PR companies and most recently as a National Marketing Manager. Kate's expertise will be used to develop a clear marketing and communications strategy; establish core member benefits and communicate these to current and prospective members; establish a strong brand presence; and enhance the promotion of the SIA through the website, events (large and small), publications / marketing collateral, public relations / media releases etc.

7. SIA Annual Planning Day; NBOM / Divisions Presidents Forum; and next NBOM meeting

The 2010 SIA Strategic and Operational Planning Day will be conducted at the SIA National Office on Sunday 18 April from 1000 - 1500. All members of the NBOM and all Division Presidents have been invited to attend. This will be followed by a NBOM / Division Presidents Forum on the same day and a NBOM meeting on Monday 19 April, prior to the conduct of the Dr Eric Wigglesworth AM ~ Memorial Lecture and the Safety In Action 2010 Conference & Trade Show outlined in item 4 above.


Barry Silburn CFSIA
National President
Safety Institute of Australia Ltd