SIA Organisational Progress Update

Monday, 18 May, 2009 - 10:00
Industry news

Dear SIA Members,

This organisational progress update provides summary information on a number of forward-looking initiatives on which I invite your feedback: 

1.                   OHS Body of Knowledge development - WorkSafe Victoria Prevention Fund application approved

The SIA, on behalf of the Health and Safety Professionals Alliance (HaSPA), recently received formal approval from Mr Greg Tweedley, Chief Executive Victorian WorkCover Authority, to receive up to $391,400 (plus GST) from the WorkSafe Victoria Prevention Fund to develop the Core Body of Knowledge for Generalist OHS Professionals.

This is a welcomed outcome and full credit to the HaSPA organisations; the SIA representatives on HaSPA, namely Sue Pilkington, Pam Pryor, Phil Kamay and Gary Lawson-Smith; and the consultants Sally Bennett and Debra Burlington of Enhance Solutions, who are both SIA members. Enhance Solutions was selected by HaSPA to prepare this important application.

A formal funding agreement between WorkSafe Victoria and the SIA has now been executed. This will enable this major project to be managed by HaSPA, with the SIA as the project applicant, over the next 26 months.

Pam Pryor, who is also the Secretary of the SIA OHS Educators' Chapter, has undertaken to prepare further advice on the OHS Body of Knowledge development and invite member input.

More information on HaSPA can be obtained from the SIA Website .

2.                   Expression of Interest (EOI) for the SIA's eNewsletter, Magazine and Journal - LexisNexis Media selected as new SIA Publisher

I refer to the advice distributed on 4 June 2009 concerning the Expression of Interest (EOI) for the future provision of editorial, design, printing and distribution services for the SIA's eNewsletter, Magazine and new peer reviewed Journal.

The SIA National Board of Management (NBOM) recently supported the Evaluation Committee's recommendations to select LexisNexis Media ( ) as the SIA's new publisher. Liaison has commenced with LexisNexis regarding contractual arrangements, a survey of SIA members and the development of production schedules for the Institute's eNewsletter, Magazine and Journal.

LexisNexis Media, is a division of Reed Elsevier, one of the world's leading publishers and information providers. LexisNexis has a presence in more than 100 countries across six continents and employs over 13,000 individuals. It is a long established and respected provider of information services to the corporate and legal markets and publishes a leading portfolio of titles including the Risk Magazine; HR Leader; Lawyers Weekly; and Lawyer2B.

We look forward to this new publishing arrangement providing enhanced communication services to current and potential new SIA members (individual and Corporate Partners).

In the interim, prior to the contractual arrangements being finalised with LexisNexis, newsletters currently being produced separately by, for example, the WA Division and QLD/NT Division will be distributed to all SIA members for information, as well as any other information considered relevant to members' professional development needs.

3.         SIA Creating a Brand Identity Project - progress update

As members will be aware, this NBOM-approved major project comprises three key stages "Discovery"; "Brand Identity & Development" and "Implementation & Rollout". The Stage 1 "Discovery Phase" summary report was distributed to all SIA members in February 2009 inviting comment.

Despite the many achievements of the SIA, brand awareness for the organisation is still relatively low among both current and prospective stakeholders.  As a result, the decision was taken by the NBOM last year to review the current brand identity and evaluate its relevance, effectiveness and equity among its key constituents. 

The purpose of the brand identity project is to not only review the strength of the existing SIA brand but to also:

  •          Evaluate how well the brand, which is everything an organisation does, says and delivers, reflects the organisation's role;
  •          Gather insights into how the brand is being perceived and experienced by its stakeholders; and
  •          Determine if the current brand is strong enough to support the organisation's strategic plan and vision.

The timing for this project was also seen as opportune to begin repositioning the SIA as the peak national body for health and safety professionals and gain traction for a revitalized brand in light of the SIA 2008-2013 Strategic Plan, the Health and Safety Professionals Alliance (HaSPA) initiative, the Federal Government's National Harmonisation of OHS Laws review and the 60th Anniversary of the SIA this year etc.

The key areas raised in Stage 1 were the need for greater brand recognition, recognition of professional standards, improved communications, more education and networking opportunities, more influence with educators and government and the need to centralize core functions around membership, communications and programs/services to ensure the delivery of a consistent SIA brand.  The current federated approach to these functions was seen as diluting the brand and not delivering a consistent look and feel or single ‘voice' for the SIA at a national level.

Stages 2 & 3 have since been advanced with a draft unapproved "Leading the Way" report being presented at the 2009 SIA Strategic and Operational Planning Day in Melbourne on 29 March. This report was subsequently considered by the NBOM at a meeting in Melbourne on 30 March and will be further considered at its next meeting in early August. 

4.                   "Find an OHS Professional (FOHSP)" - implemented for CFSIA', FSIA' and CPMSIA'

This new SIA website feature was successfully launched on 1 June 2009 (together with other major policy changes, e.g. new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) logbook) and as planned all SIA professional members, i.e. Chartered Fellows (CFSIA), Fellows (FSIA) and Chartered Professional Members (CPMSIA) who don't wish to opt-out, are now featured. We again thank those members who have provided constructive feedback that has assisted in identifying some minor teething problems that have now been corrected by Darren Press, SIA IT/Web Co-ordinator and our provider DDSN Interactive.

5.         SIA National Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2009 - confirmed

I am pleased to confirm that the NBOM has approved the conduct of the 2009 SIA National Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Sydney Showgrounds (actual venue TBA) on 27 October 2009 commencing at 6:30pm. The Preliminary Notice of this meeting will be distributed to all members in early August.

Finally, I would strongly encourage all members to carefully consider how they can contribute to the ongoing important work of the Institute and in particular the formulation of our future directions, whether by seeking election to a Division Committee of Management or the National Board of Management; preparing an article(s); participating in SIA Website discussions forums; promoting the SIA to colleagues and potential new members (individual and Corporate Partners); or sending me some new innovative ideas on professional excellence and improved members services etc. Our total individual membership has passed 3,600 and at the current rate of increase monthly will pass 4,000 this year, our 60th year. This is an exciting time in the Institute's proud history to contribute to the next 60 years.


Barry Silburn CFSIA
SIA National President