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Monday, 11 August, 2008 - 10:00
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Dear SIA Members

This organisational progress update provides summary information on some very important and welcomed major outcomes that were achieved by the collective efforts of members and staff during October to assist the Institute to continue to advance the science of safety and health through professional excellence:

1.         Major Events - SIA QLD/NT Division and SIA NSW Division / AEC delivered above all expectations

The 17th Annual Visions Occupational Health and Safety Conference was successfully conducted at Jupiters Townsville from 21-23 October. Congratulations to David Randall FSIA, President SIA QLD/NT Division and the other members of the organising committee for their dedicated and professional efforts. I will leave it to the QLD/NT Division to release further information on the highlights.

The 2009 Safety Show and Conference was successfully conducted at the Sydney Showground from 27-29 October inclusive. Congratulations to Karen Wolfe CPMSIA, President SIA NSW Division and the other members of the organising committee; and to Marie Kinsella, Managing Director Australian Exhibition & Conferences (AEC) and her talented team, for their dedicated and professional efforts. I will leave it to the NSW Division and AEC to release further information on the highlights.  

2.         National and State/Territory Health and Safety initiatives and awards - Congratulations to all, and to our very own Glyn Williams CFSIA

The week commencing 26 October included other major national and state / territory health and safety initiatives, such as SafeWork Australia week; WorkSafe Victoria week and the associated awards function; WorkCover NSW awards; SafeWork SA awards; ACT Work Safety Awards; and similar activities in the other States.

On 30 October, the wonderful KIDS Foundation (a proud SIA Strategic Partner) launched "Injury Free Day" in Brisbane as a whole of life safety education process. All proceeds from Injury Free Day are being invested in KIDS Foundation community-based safety education programs which focus on childhood injury prevention and injury recovery.

The SIA was particularly active in attending or supporting these initiatives and we were particularly thrilled to be advised by Maggie Thomas CPMSIA, President SIA SA Division, that at the SafeWork SA awards, Glyn Williams CFSIA won the award for an "Outstanding contribution by a person with OHS as part of their duty". The SafeWorkSA citation stated that, "Glyn has practised in the field of safety and risk management for over 30 years. As Risk Safety Manager at Southern Cross Care, Glyn has introduced a comprehensive OHS and Injury Management System, ensured that managers and supervisors have safety Key Performance Indicators written into their job descriptions and has enabled safe roof access for maintenance staff."

I'm sure that all SIA members will join me in congratulating Glyn on receiving this prestigious award.

Glyn Williams CFSIA SafeWork

Tom Phillips AM, Chairman Safe Work Australia (left) presenting Glyn Williams CFSIA with his award

3.         SIA National Annual General Meeting 2009 & new National Board of Management (NBOM) formed

The SIA AGM 2009 was conducted at the Sydney Showground on 27 October and resulted in:

(i)                   The draft Minutes of the SIA AGM 2008 being accepted as a true and accurate record;

(ii)                 The SIA Annual Report 2008-2009, which included the audited Financial Report, being accepted (as previously advised, this report can be viewed on the SIA website, Members area ~ SIA National Updates);

(iii)                The National Executive elections being declared with Barry Silburn CFSIA re-elected National President; Nicole Prince FSIA elected National Vice-President; Sue Pilkington FSIA elected National Secretary; and Sue Bottrell CPMSIA elected National Treasurer;

(iv)                David Segrott CPMSIA being appointed National Public Officer for 2009/2010;

(v)                  Bell Partners being re-appointed as the SIA's Auditor for 2009/2010;

(vi)                The special resolution to amend the SIA National Constitution to establish a "Graduate" level of membership being approved; and

(vii)               Barry Silburn acknowledging the many positive outcomes that had been achieved by the Institute during 2008-2009, albeit during the "Global Economic Crisis", largely through the committed efforts of its National Board of Management and all Division committees of management; members and staff, and Strategic and Corporate Partners.    

In addition to the four members of the National Executive outlined above (in item (iii)), the new NBOM will be as follows:

SIA NBOM Members: Barry Silburn CFSIA - National President; Nicole Prince FSIA - National Vice President; Sue Pilkington FSIA - National Secretary; Sue Bottrell CPMSIA - National Treasurer; Karen Wolfe CPMSIA - NSW Division National Representative; Dr Janis Jansz FSIA - WA Division National Representative; Tony Mitchell CPMSIA - ACT Division National Representative; Andrew Skegg CPMSIA - TAS Division National Representative; Chad Pettitt CPMSIA - QLD/NT Division National Representative; Jim Toshach FSIA - SA Division National Representative; and Neil Dine FSIA - VIC Division National Representative.

SIA NBOM ex-officio members: Dr Geoff Dell CFSIA - Dean College of Fellows; and Phil Lovelock CFSIA - SIA representative on INSHPO.

4.         SIA Fellows Investiture Ceremony - The Australian Head of State acknowledging OHS Professionals

This important and special ceremony was hosted by the SIA's Patron, Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, at Admiralty House, Kirribilli, Sydney, on 28 October. A total of 61 guests attended. This included 31 very proud Fellows (13 Chartered Fellows; 15 Fellows; and 3 Honorary Fellows) and in most cases their partners; and College of Fellows representatives.

During this visit, the Governor-General and His Excellency Mr Michael Bryce AM AE had a private meeting with Barry Silburn; Dr Geoff Dell CFSIA Dean College of Fellows; David Skegg CFSIA Registrar College of Fellows and Dr Steve Cowley FSIA. During this meeting the Governor-General was very pleased to receive and acknowledge the 1st edition of the SIA's new peer-reviewed scientific journal, titled the Journal of Health and Safety Research and Practice.

Further information on this ceremony will be distributed once photographs are released by Government House.

5.         SIA National Publications - We encourage your articles and feedback

As previously advised, LexisNexis Media and the SIA have a formal Services Agreement to produce the following SIA national publications:

(i)                   OHS Professional enews - the 5th issue of which was distributed to all members last Friday. Based upon member feedback the format of this eNewsletter will change soon to HTML;

(ii)                 OHS Professional - the 1st issue of this magazine was released during the Safety Show & Conference in Sydney last week and is currently being mailed to members. Initially, four issues of this magazine will be issued annually; and

(iii)                Journal of Health and Safety Research and Practice - the 1st issue was presented to our Patron the Governor-General last week and will be mailed to SIA members over the next fortnight. Initially, two issues of this journal will be issued annually.

We encourage member contributions (news items and articles etc) and feedback on these national publications.


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