SIA NBOM Meeting 13 NOV 2009 ~ Summary of Major Outcomes

Monday, 11 August, 2008 - 10:00
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Dear SIA  Members,

A summary of the major outcomes arising from the most recent National Board of Management (NBOM) meeting are outlined below.
If you would like to view the PDF copy of the outcomes please use the link at the bottom of this page.



NBOM meeting (No. 3 for FY 09/10), SIA National Office, Tullamarine, 13 Nov 09

NBOM members, present: Barry Silburn CFSIA, National President; Nicole Prince FSIA, National Vice President; Sue Pilkington FSIA, National Secretary; Sue Bottrell CPMSIA, National Treasurer; Tony Mitchell CPMSIA, ACT Division National Representative; Jim Toshach FSIA, SA Division National Representative; Chad Pettitt CPMSIA SIA, QLD/NT Division National Representative; Dr Janis Jansz FSIA, WA Division National Representative; Karen Wolfe CPMSIA, NSW Division National Representative; Neil Dine FSIA, VIC Division ational Representative; Dr Geoff Dell CFSIA, Dean College of Fellows (ex-officio member); and Phil Lovelock CFSIA, INSHPO Representative (ex-officio member).

NBOM member, apology: Andrew Skegg CPMSIA, TAS Division National Representative.

In Attendance: David Segrott CPMSIA, National Public Officer; Gary Lawson-Smith, CEO SIA; Alissa Sargeant, SIA Member Services & National Administration; and Danielle Laffey, SIA Accountant / Bookkeeper.

Observer: Kevin Jones FSIA.

Summary of Major Outcomes:

o Barry Silburn, National President, welcomed the new members of the NBOM and thanked those on the previous NBOM for their constructive contributions. All NBOM members agreed to sign a Deed of Confidentiality and formally support the SIA's Respectful Behaviour Policy.

o Corporate Governance Training. A total of 20 representatives from the new NBOM and most Division Committees of Management completed a one-day training seminar at the SIA National Office that was provided by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

o NBOM supported a program of work, approved by the previous NBOM regarding a review of the SIA's current Business Model that includes as priorities - Legitimate Structure; Business Model; and Legal Structure.

o NBOM approved a major project being established to advance the development, with SIA member involvement and input, and implementation, subject to approval by at least 75% of members, of a new Corporate Structure for the SIA. The NBOM is proposing that the three existing Incorporated Structures (National; Victoria; and Western Australia) be replaced by a single Public Company Limited by Guarantee structure under the Corporations Act. David Segrott, SIA National Public Officer, was tasked by the NBOM to lead this project and work with Piper Alderman Lawyers (approved by the NBOM in Aug 09) and consultation with the NBOM, all Divisions and members.

o NBOM approved a SIA Business Model Development review that will include confirmation of the organisational structure; confirmation of elected accountability holders of all Institute positions; and adoption of the structured baseline business model.

o A new SIA Planning and Budgeting Cycle was also adopted that will introduce new Strategic and Business Planning requirements for National, Divisions and Chapters that is based on the Financial Year cycle, e.g. FY 09/10. A Finance Committee was also established comprising the National Treasurer and all Division Treasurers to advance the harmonisation of current financial arrangements.

o The SIA' Annual Report 2008-2009 was presented and accepted at the SIA National AGM 2009 at the Sydney Showground on 27 Oct 09. NBOM approved:

  • Action to lodge the SIA's Annual Return with the Registrar in the ACT;
  • Draft Minutes of AGM 2009; and
  • Action to amend the SIA National Constitution to incorporate the new approved Graduate level of membership.

o NBOM approved amendments to the OHS Educators Chapter governing rules to change the name to "SIA OHS Education Chapter"; create two subgroups, namely the "SIA Academy of University OHS Education & Research"; and the "SIA OHS Vocational and Workplace Trainers Group".  The President of the OHS Education Chapter is also a member of the College of Fellows Board.

o With respect to the previous item, a recent Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) research project forum, in Sydney, on OHS education was attended by representatives from 15 of the 17 university providers of OHS professional education. This forum resulted in the release of a "Sydney Communique" that called for an "Academy of University of OHS Education and Research".

o NBOM approved a proposal to establish a Technician level of SIA membership that acknowledges the practical experience and expertise developed by non-tertiary health and safety practitioners. As with the new now approved Graduate level of SIA membership, this NBOM decision will also require an amendment to the SIA National Constitution to be approved by at least 75% of members. The NBOM considered that the Technician grade will enhance our SIA career path by linking the OHS Certificate IV and other allied qualifications to OHS positions that only require such qualifications, such as OHS Training Officers; Inspector; Auditor or OHS Coordinator etc.

o NBOM approved the National President signing a formal Agreement with WorkSafe Victoria titled "Links to Accredited Health and Safety Consultants". This relates to the SIA's Find an OHS Professional (FOHSP) register, which is accessible via the SIA website Home Page and relates to the notification from Dr Geoff Dell, Dean College of Fellows, to all CPMSIA, FSIA and CFSIA graded members.

o NBOM congratulated all involved in recent successes, such as, the 17th Annual OHS Conference - Visions 2009 Conference, Townsville, 21-23 Oct; the Safety Show & Conference, Sydney, 27-29 Oct; the SIA Fellows Investiture Ceremony hosted by our Patron, the Governor-General, at Admiralty House, Sydney on 28 Oct; and the ongoing work by HaSPA, in conjunction with all relevant stakeholders, including the SIA, to develop and implement an OHS Body of Knowledge.

o The next face-to-face meeting of the NBOM is planned to be conducted in Melbourne on 19 April 2010. In the meantime, teleconference meetings will be periodically conducted to advance the important work of the NBOM and priority items such as those outlined above.

o Major events planned for 2010 (further details will be promulgated direct to members and via the SIA website etc):

  • The inaugural Dr Eric Wigglesworth AM ~ Memorial Lecture, the BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne, 19 April;
  • SIA/AEC: Safety In Action 2010 Conference and Show, new Melbourne Convention Centre, 20-22 April inclusive; 
  • SIA/AEC: WA Safety Conference and Show, Perth Convention Centre, 24-26 Aug inclusive;
  • SIA QLD/NT Division: 18th Annual OHS Conference - Visions 2010 Conference, Gold Coast, 15-17 Sept inclusive; and 
  • SIA/AEC: The Safety Show & Conference, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, 26-28 Oct inclusive.


Barry Silburn CFSIA
National President
Safety Institute of Australia Ltd