SIA launches dedicated Journal area on its website

Tuesday, 31 August, 2010 - 10:00
Industry news

The Safety Institute of Australia Ltd. (SIA) is proud to announce the launch of a dedicated Journal site , forming part of the newly refreshed SIA website.

The area, which will host the first two volumes of the Journal of Health & Safety, Research & Practice (JHSRP), and subsequent volumes, will now be available to members and non-members of the SIA Ltd. Improving navigation for members, the site will grant access to non-members and researchers seeking journal material.

Designed to permit and ease access to the abstracts of embargoed and open source articles, the site will increase the promotion of the Journal through search engines such as Google Scholar and through bibliographic databases, drawing people to the website and encouraging subscriptions and memberships.

Forming a part of the recent SIA website brand refresh and upgrade, the JHSRP site will increase the citation of JHSRP articles, which, in turn, will make the Journal more attractive to authors whilst supporting the ranking of the Journal by the ARC.

 Click here to view the new JHSRP area.