SIA Creating a Brand Identity Project – Online Member Survey

Monday, 11 August, 2008 - 10:00
Industry news

Dear SIA Members

On page 19 of the October 2008 (issue 3) of the Institute's Australian Safety & Health Matters (ASHM) details were provided on the National Board of Management (NBOM) approved "Creating a Brand Identity Project". As outlined in this article, Stage 1 - "Discovery", involves an initial scoping study, branding workshops, review of branding and business intelligence and research interviews with members and partners.

This major project is also examining what place the SIA currently holds in the minds of its key stakeholders and their experience, perceptions and beliefs about the organisation in terms of its role, future directions, its values and how well it currently delivers on our members' needs.

To complete Stage 1, the Project Steering Group has approved an online member survey to encourage as much input as possible from all of our 3,118 financial members (as at today). The good news is that our membership numbers are continuing to grow with an average of 60 new members per month (mainly OHS professionals) joining online via the website.  

As the article in ASHM indicated "In 2009, the SIA will not only celebrate its 60th anniversary and its many achievements over that period, but also, subject to NBOM approval, launch a new brand identity and communication plan to support the SIA's strategic plan and position the SIA as the leading authority on OHS issues within Australian and internationally.

The survey is now available to all logged-in members via the following link: .

Responses are requested please by COB Friday 16th January 2009.

On behalf of the NBOM, the Project Steering Group and Branding Consultants Jennifer Dixon and Peter Campbell, your input on this critical future directions NBOM initiative is strongly encouraged.


Gary Lawson-Smith

Chief Executive Officer
Safety Institute of Australia Ltd