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SA: Safety campaign to reduce injuries in agriculture

Monday, 10 April, 2017 - 10:00
Industry news


SafeWork SA recently conducted a safety campaign with Primary Producers SA to reduce injuries in the agriculture sector through a series of farm safety workshops designed to address key work safety concerns.

The agriculture sector accounts for 4.5 per cent of South Australia’s workforce but 19 per cent of workplace deaths.

In addition, about nine primary producers per week are injured seriously enough to access workers’ compensation.

Furthermore, workers’ compensation data shows that males aged 20-40 and 40-60 are those most likely to be injured at work on the state’s Limestone Coast region, while agriculture records the highest proportion of injuries that lead to work injury claims.

Since 2012 there have been more than 5800 work injury claims made in the region.

The annual number of claims has fallen in the past few years, but some types of injuries, such as falls, body stressing and incidents involving vehicles, have not significantly decreased.

Cattle and dairy farming recorded the most injuries within the Limestone Coast’s agriculture sector, said SafeWork SA acting executive director Dini Soulio.

“In each of those years traumatic joint, ligament, muscle and tendon injuries were the most common, and body stressing and being hit by moving objects were the top causes of injury,” he said.

“Our farm safety workshops are promoting practical safe work practices and helping farmers eliminate or minimise workplace risks,” Soulio said.

SafeWork SA’s education team are working at a series of field days to provide practical advice and information, and the team will also have copies of the Farmers’ Guidebook to work health and safety, which was published in collaboration with Primary Producers SA.

For information about SafeWork SA’s new free mobile work health and safety advisory service, call 1300 365 255 or visit