Red Cross launches world first - CPR instructions direct to your mobile phone

Saturday, 12 July, 2008 - 10:00
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Article - taken from Australian Red Cross Web Site:

Red Cross launches world first - CPR instructions direct to your mobile phone

Red Cross today launches a world first in first aid- CPR instructions downloaded to a mobile phone at the touch of a button.

The first download of the new technology will be performed by Matt Welsh, former Australian Olympic swimmer and Robert Tickner CEO Australian Red Cross, on Federation Square's main stage.

'This groundbreaking technology will literally put the ability to save a life in the hands of all Australians with a mobile phone' says Mr Tickner 'and while we know there is no substitute for an approved First Aid course, it will serve as a crucial prompt should the time arise when people are required to give CPR.'

The technology is a world first, and has been developed in conjunction with Multi-Ed medical, a Tasmanian medical education company.

The launch will also be attended by Sherrie McDonald, whose child Abby was saved by a neighbour who knew First Aid. Sherrie believes the technology has the potential to save lives because of its accessibility and ease of use.

'I know that when Abby was revived, we were just fortunate to have someone who knew first aid nearby' said Sherrie, 'But this technology means that you can have a reminder of how to perform CPR properly, in your hands, all the time. It's a fantastic piece of information for people to have on their mobiles.'

'I urge people to start saving lives right now by signing up for a Red Cross First Aid course.'

Mr Tickner said Red Cross wanted to see at least one person in every household with First Aid training.

Red Cross is the largest first aid organisation in the world. To begin a First Aid training course, or to download the CPR animation, visit or call the Red Cross office in your State or territory.

To download the animation to your mobile phone:
Visit the First Aid page on the website or text 'CPR' to 19 951 515.


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