QLDSC11 - Health & Safety The Next Steps: Preview Video Now Online

Sunday, 22 May, 2011 - 10:00
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Speaking ahead of the upcoming 2011 Queensland Safety Conference (21-23 June inclusive), Andrew Douglas FSIA(Hon) moderates a discussion about Health & Safety - The Next Steps. Joined by panelists Professor Niki Ellis FSIA(Hon) (CEO, ISCRR), Clarke Martin (Chair, HaSPA), Aaron Neilson (National Manager, SafeSearch) & Dr Steve Cowley FSIA (SIA, Executive Editor SIA Publications).



To suit the purposes of the sianational YouTube channel, this video has been cut into two parts and is now available via the 2011 QLD Safety Conference website Media page and the sianational YouTube channel. 

A summary for your convenience has been provided below. 

Click here to view Part 1
Click here to view Part 2 



Changes in the safety profession over the next 5 years & expectations of industry need for the OHS profession


Andrew Douglas: What do you think is needed to improve our OHS profession?

Answered by Dr Steve Cowley


Andrew Douglas: Change in paradigm in the way health professional are going to perceive OHS in the future

Answered by Professor Niki Ellis


How do we know when a Safety professional comes on site that they have the appropriate skill and will certification help?

Answered by Clarke Martin


Andrew Douglas: what do clients expect of an OHS professional now and what will they expect in the future? And what are they looking for in a skill base.

Answered by Aaron Neilson


Andrew Douglas: how do we bring leadership skills into the education institutes?

Answered by Dr Steve Cowley


Andrew Douglas: The body of knowledge we have to provide OHS Professionals, how do we take this to industry and what is the creative work that OHS professionals can give to business rather than just the technical bookkeeping role?

Answered by Professor Niki Ellis


Andrew Douglas: What are the responsibilities of the professional and what are the responsibilities of the regulator?

Answered by Clarke Martin 



Andrew Douglas: As a recruiter, what is going to be the responsibility of the profession to develop skills (leadership & communication) and what will be the expectation of industry in the future?

Answered by Aaron Neilson


Andrew Douglas: organisational change is now a fluid process, constant and increasing at a sharper level. How do we teach those capacities internally to people to adjust to change, to recognize change and embrace it.

Answered by Dr Steve Cowley


Andrew Douglas: do we need to have a real focus from the regulators and the legislation to start focusing on disease?

Answered by Professor Niki Ellis


Andrew Douglas: When you can't define causation around health, where do you get the incentivisation for people to take any notice?

Answered by Professor Niki Ellis


Andrew Douglas: When you are looking at people coming through, and you are saying, "I think you would be a very good manager, but I need you to think about the future. I need you to start looking at trends and do you deal with candidates to discuss that issue?

Answered by Aaron Neilson

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