Public Comment: WorkSafe Victoria Position

Monday, 11 August, 2008 - 10:00
Industry news

Announced at HaSPA meeting today:

Public Comment: WorkSafe Victoria Position - Employing or engaging a suitably qualified person

The WorkSafe Position (section 12) on 'suitably qualified' (section 22(2)(b)) is available on the WorkSafe website for public comment.

This is the URL:

Alternatively, use the search function on the web site (, and enter 'suitably qualified'.

The public comment period opened on 22 August and closes 18 September. More information, including how to make a submission, can be found on the web page.

The HasPA web page is available here.

There is also a bi-monthly newsletter, produced as a tool to foster communication with OHS Professionals about the activities of the Health and Safety Professionals Alliance (HaSPA). 

Copies of the prOHnewS newsletters are available on the HasPA web page or at the direct link here.