OHS qualifications submissions paper issued

Monday, 11 August, 2008 - 10:00
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Scoping Review of OHS Practitioner Qualifications and Competencies 

Dear Colleagues / SIA Members

Last week the Vocational & Workplace Training Group, of the Safety Institute of Australia's (SIA) Education Chapter, successfully forwarded its Submission Paper to the preliminary Scoping Review currently being undertaken by Workplace Agenda Pty Ltd for the Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA).

The review aims to identify whether the OHS qualifications and units of competency sufficiently address industry requirements whilst supporting regulatory arrangements at a national level. Furthermore, it will focus on identifying any changes with the harmonizing of OHS regulatory requirements that may need addressing.

Circulated to over 3,500 SIA members, results highlighted the generic nature of competencies and the major concerns in the quality of OHS training delivery, in particular concerns about fast tracked courses and the level of teaching content and depth. 

"Historically, VET courses have provided employers with employees that possess practical hands on skills. said PJ Fleming, Joint Project Lead - Vocational & Workplace Training Group, SIA Education Chapter.

"The survey indicates that some RTOs may be teaching more of the OHS management type competencies and less on the practical application needs such as those associated with noise, lighting, air sampling, dust level monitoring, etc. While the SIA believes that the generic units are beneficial to supervisors and employees, they are not at a sufficient level for OHS practitioners."

 A draft Validation Report is intended to go to IBSA by the end of May 2010 and following receipt and consideration of this report the IBSA board will make a decision regarding the requirements for any future review work to the OHS Qualifications and Units of Competence within the BSB07 Training Package.

To view the SIA's Submission Paper to the preliminary Scoping Review click here (PDF, 135kb). For further information on the Scoping Review including updates as they occur please visit the ISBA website - current projects

Thank you to the participants

On behalf of the Vocational & Workplace Training Group I would like to this opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks to those that took the time to respond. We were all given very tight timelines with which to comply and we came through with flying colours.  The response was sufficient quality, detail and content for the project leads to compile a significant submission.Your insightful contributions, comments and feedback were very much appreciated. We could not have got there without you on board. Well done and thank you again.

PJ Fleming, Joint Project Lead - Vocational & Workplace Training Group, SIA Education Chapter