NT WorkSafe commences show circuit safety and compliance program

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Sunday, 4 July, 2021 - 12:45
Policy & legislation
Northern Territory

NT WorkSafe inspectors have commenced a month-long campaign to engage with show circuit ride operators and engineers to provide information and advice and monitor, inspect and direct compliance where necessary.

The show circuit is one of the main mid-year events throughout the Northern Territory and with last year’s cancellation due to COVID-19, many families will be looking forward to its return, said acting manager WHS safety assurance Bruce McKinley

“The safety of amusements rides at shows is dependent on all duty holders meeting their legal obligations so that a family’s visit to the show is memorable for all the right reasons,” McKinley said.

“My team has been in contact with the showmen’s guild, the individual ride operators and the various show societies in the Northern Territory to provide information to raise awareness and ensure safety standards in amusement rides are maintained.

“Rides which are not maintained or operated properly can cause serious injuries and deaths, as we have tragically seen interstate.”

Amusement ride operators are responsible for implementing effective service and maintenance schedules to ensure rides are safe to use.

They are also responsible for providing safe systems of work and appropriate training for their workers to operate the rides safely.

Engineers play an essential role in the safety of amusements rides as they are responsible for verifying that rides are structurally safe to use.

Acting manager of WHS regulatory compliance Maria Rigas said inspectors from her team will audit amusement ride logbooks to ensure they have had the appropriate maintenance work and have been inspected by an engineer, as required by the work health and safety laws.

“A national auditing framework has been developed for WorkSafe inspectors across Australia, which our Inspectors will use to audit these logbooks,” she said.

“Inspectors will also do a visual check on the rides and any discrepancies they notice with the logbook records will be raised with the ride operator or engineers to address.

“A visual inspection will not detect potential issues with the structural integrity of a ride, so it is important for the safety of the ride that the engineers do a thorough job during their inspections.

“Engineers should also be testing any repairs that have been made and conducting non-destructive testing at the frequency outlined in the Australian Standards.”