New chapter of the OHS Body of Knowledge 'Workers Working from Home'

Tuesday, 16 June, 2020 - 15:00
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The OHS Body of Knowledge has today presented it's latest chapter titled 'Workers Working from Home'.

The latest chapter sets a whole new agenda for working from home.

It shifts thinking away from the ergonomic checklist to the entirely different paradigm of a holistic focus and agenda for priorities for the design of work for working from home. The chapter sets out clearly that working from home is not just a translation of the work from the office to home and needs different thinking, support and mindsets from leaders.

The chapter compiles important information from OHS professionals in the field (survey and interview) that have informed eight key themes.

These themes informed by high-quality empirical data provided the underpinning principles for the model of the design of work for working from home.

The chapter is a must-read for any OHS professional who leads in the new normal of working from home.

You can find the chapter available for free here.