MEMBER UPDATE JANUARY 2011: Back to the Future - A refocus on the business of managing the business

Wednesday, 22 December, 2010 - 11:00
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The first meeting of the National Board of Management for 2010/2011 was held in Canberra on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd January 2011. Divisional Presidents joined us on Day 1 after the meeting to conduct a review of the SIA strategic and operating plans for 2009 and 2010 and the team has now revitalised those plans to deliver our strategic objectives for the forthcoming year. Day 2 consisted of an update on proposed SIA organisational reform, followed by a Corporate Governance training session conducted by Dr Neil Primrose. A social function on Saturday evening was attended by all participants, as well as the members of the ACT Division Committee of Management and their partners.

A summary of key outcomes of the weekend appears below.

Board decisions:

  • SIA will contribute $10,000 per annum to funding an accreditation process for generalist OHS professional education programmes from year 2 of the Core Body of Knowledge project. Year 1 is fully funded by the project.
  • Neville Betts' appointment as Acting Dean of the College of Fellows was reaffirmed by the Board. A select committee will be formed by the Acting Dean to assist in a review of the Charter of the College of Fellows prior to the appointment of a new Dean or Chair. Recommendations on the Charter are to be provided to the Board by 1 July 2011.
  • A National Operations Planning Committee is to be established as a subcommittee of the Board to manage implementation of SIA national strategy. This committee will be comprised of Divisional Presidents, NBOM executive members and several NBOM members who will be appointed to the role.
  • A National Conference Planning Working Group has been established, and its project plan endorsed to gather and build upon the knowledge and experience of those who have already organised, or are currently organising, major SIA conferences. The aim of this working party is to improve the coordination, funding and support of all SIA conferences. Amanda Benson, a member of the Victorian Safety in Action organising committee, will lead the project.
  • The SIA Challenge Assessment is to be reinstituted later in 2011 for a finite period of time. Dr Steve Cowley is currently preparing the updated version.
  • SIA will become a member of Professions Australia (a national organisation of professional associations) at a cost of $3,100 per annum.
  • Honour Roll: Compilation of the list of past SIA National Presidents, Honorary Fellows and Life Members has commenced for publication on the website as an Honour Roll. We will appreciate advice from any member who can assist with the names of National Presidents prior to 1977 - please forward information to Gary Lawson-Smith, CEO ( This is the first phase of this project - compilation of a roll of members holding CFSIA and FSIA certification will be undertaken on completion of this work, as will a list of current and previous Divisional office bearers. Both will be published on the website when completed.
  • Following requests from members, SIA will make a donation of $2,500 to each of the flood appeals in Victoria and in Queensland.
  • Immediate past National President Barry Silburn was awarded life membership in recognition of his service to the NSW Division and the National portfolio.
  • Approval has subsequently been given for the CEO to represent the SIA at the annual IOSH conference in London in March, 2011.

Strategic and operational planning: National Board of Management and Divisional Presidents

National Vice President Tony Mitchell and ACT Division Vice President P.J. Fleming facilitated the group in a review of the 2009 and 2010 strategic plans. As a result, the previous plans and objectives have been streamlined into four discrete elements to better reflect the SIA's current direction and vision: Operational Excellence, Influence, Capability, and Engagement. Divisions will now frame their own operating plans around the revised strategy and corporate plans. The workshop outcomes will be published when available.

SIA organisational reform:

An update on the status of proposed SIA organisational reform (that is, changing from an Incorporated Association to a Company Limited by Guarantee) was provided by project team leader David Segrott (immediate past National Public Officer). A substantial amount of work has been completed by this project team and member consultation will begin in the next month, with further details as soon as they are available.

Corporate Governance training:

All Board members and Divisional Presidents attended a facilitated session on corporate governance on Sunday 23rd January. The governance obligations of members who are elected to office are substantial and it is imperative that all persons who accept such a role can execute their obligations with confidence. Divisional Presidents will now liaise with the national office to schedule governance training for the Committees of Management of all Divisions.

Recognition of service:

The contribution made to SIA by immediate past National President Barry Silburn and immediate past National Public Officer David Segrott were acknowledged with a presentation to each at the dinner on Saturday evening. The support given to each by their partners Margaret Silburn and Shirley Segrott was also acknowledged. In addition, Barry was awarded Life Membership of the Institute in recognition of his long period of service to the NSW Division, National, and the profession.  

Board meetings for 2010/2011:

Board meetings for the 2010/2011 period will be held in various jurisdictions to allow the NBOM to meet with the members of the Divisional Committees of Management. Future face-to-face meetings are scheduled for Melbourne in April, Brisbane in June, and Sydney in October. Teleconferences will be scheduled for the intervening periods. A member update will be published after each NBOM meeting, as well as in the intervening periods should there be any significant matters for communication.

Questions or queries?

The CEO and the executive members of the National Board are happy to respond to any member enquiries about the material in this update. I would be grateful if you would direct all enquiries to the CEO in the first instance ( or 03 8336 1995) and indicate if you wish your enquiry to be passed to a NBOM member.