MEDIA RELEASE: AIHS partners with John Holland and Area9 Lyceum

Thursday, 17 November, 2022 - 09:45
Member update
National News

The AIHS, John Holland and Area9 Lyceum have entered a partnership to bring adaptive learning technology to the construction sector.

Building on its successful application of Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive learning platform Area9 RhapsodeTM, John Holland is making several of its health and safety modules available to the sector through the AIHS.

The partnership will deliver courses relating to asbestos awareness, chain of responsibility, excavation and trenching and working at heights. With work-related fatalities, injuries and illnesses still occurring at high rates in these areas, innovative technology made accessible through online modules will be invaluable to the profession.

These new modules were developed after it was found that existing e-Learning approaches left gaps in knowledge and did not accurately measure effectiveness beyond completion compliance.

John Holland’s overall Health and Safety strategy focuses on reducing the frequency and severity of Potential Class 1 incidents. Addressing this issue is critical to the Tier 1 contractor, given the anticipated peak in construction-related activity next year and the pressures it will place on employee safety and wellbeing.

In collaboration with AIHS, John Holland has made a commitment to offering its new courses to companies in the wider construction sector and other industries so its staff and subcontractor partners can also gain the value of the adaptive learning approach.

Area9 RhapsodeTM uses an AI algorithm built on billions of data points to support each learner exactly as a personal teacher would, but at scale. The platform continually measures and assesses the learner as they move through the content. A particular focus is measuring individuals’ levels of ‘unconscious incompetence’ – that is, I don’t know what I don’t know, or worse where a person believes something is right but is in fact wrong which, in a construction safety context, poses a risk to themselves and others.

For users, the average time to safety proficiency is halved. Most courses take 20-30 minutes less to complete than previous approaches. This is because the AI-based solution can determine an individual’s proficiency profile around the course content and support each learner.

You can view the online training course offerings here.