KIDS Foundation Secondary Schools Safety Education Initiative

Friday, 26 June, 2009 - 10:00
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Dear SIA members,

The KIDS Foundation, a strategic partner of the SIA, is unique both in Australia and internationally given its commitment to safety education since its inception 16 years ago. 

The KIDS Foundation now facilitates highly successful pre-school and primary school safety education programs across the country. During that time we have worked closely with various local communities, the education sector and employers to:

- Reduce the number of preventable injuries to children by developing risk intelligence in preschool and primary school children and to:

-Prepare and sustain children throughout their life from childhood, teens and adulthood to manage risk, a whole-of-life safety education process.  

After in-depth consultation with government and non-government organisations, a major gap has been identified this year around pre-employment OHS training for young people entering the workforce for the first time. To address this issue and build on the success of our pre-school and primary programs, the KIDS Foundation is seeking your support to develop a secondary school based safety education initiative that will ensure our young people are safety literate early in life. Secondary School Based Safety Education Initiative  

Through a ‘one off’ tax deductible donation, your support either at the individual or corporate level will help us to:

- Research current worldwide safety education programs for young people and their outcomes; and

- Use this research to inform and develop a safety education pilot program for secondary students which would then be rolled out to all educational facilities across Australia; We believe that as young people transition into the workforce, a secondary school safety education initiative such as this is a priority both for employers and the community. 

The KIDS Foundation already has an extensive track record in developing similar programs at the primary level, including the implementation of The Safety Club – a now internationally recognised and accredited primary school safety education program.  We are also piloting a pre-school safety education program called ‘SeeMore Safety’ to instil ‘risk management’ skills in children early in the peace.

For more information about each of our programs and the KIDS Foundation, visit our website or contact our national office on 1300 734 733.  We also invite you to find out more about Injury Free Day and how you and your workplace can participate and help us raise awareness about injury prevention at work, school and play.  

The KIDS Foundation is a not-for-profit health promotion charity. All donations are fully tax deductible and receipts will be issued for donations received prior to the 30th June 2009. Donations received by members will be acknowledged in the initial reporting process for this initiative and in the KIDS Foundation’s Annual Report.

If you would like to discuss this significant secondary school safety education initiative further please contact me at the KIDS Foundation office or via email

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Stevens
Kids Foundation
Chief Executive Officer

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The KIDS Foundation is a valued Stratigic Partner of the SIA. This type of initiative is an important part of creating safety literacy for young people before they enter the workforce.

Barry Silburn CFSIA, SIA National President