Health Initiatives Survey 2009

Sunday, 26 April, 2009 - 10:00
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Health Initiatives Survey 2009

providing evidence for future action

Organisations throughout Australia are invited to participate in a national survey of workplace health initiatives as part of a Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments' review of workplace-based initiatives to support improved worker health. 

The survey aims to determine the nature and extent of workplace health promotion initiatives across small, medium and large organisations, and across a wide range of industries.  It also seeks information about current attitudes towards workplace health initiatives, and about barriers and enablers to implementation.  The results will assist in informing future efforts in this important area.

The survey is being conducted by The University of Melbourne (ABN: 84 002 705 224) and is supported by the Safety Institute of Australia Ltd (SIA).  Responses are sought from all organisations across Australia, including those who are and are not currently conducting workplace health initiatives. 

The survey should be completed by the person responsible for the implementation of health and wellbeing initiatives or for human resources management within the organisation.

Please contribute confidentially to this research by completing an online survey available at click here .

The survey can also be downloaded from the site and completed in hard copy. Free post information can be obtained on the website.

For more information go to (click here) or contact Nicola Reavley on 03 8344 5237 or 8344 3147

Survey contributions close on Thursday 14th May