HaSPA - Update on Core Body of Knowledge for the generalist OHS professional

Monday, 6 July, 2009 - 10:00
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Dear SIA Members

The attached brief provides the first project update on the development and implementation of the Core Body of Knowledge for the generalist OHS professional. The Health and Safety Professionals Alliance (HaSPA) is the "owner" of this project and will provide oversight.

The full effect of this project will be evident between six months and two years after completion of the planned work. The project is a fundamental component of the process of sustainably repositioning the OHS professional. It will have a systemic, long term effect on OHS professional education, resulting in improved quality of OHS advice and more effective prevention activities across Victorian and interstate workplaces.

The SIA has been a founding member of HaSPA since its formation in 2007, when WorkSafe Victoria identified opportunities to improve health and safety outcomes in Victorian workplaces by working with OHS professional associations and OHS education providers.

HaSPA is an alliance of OHS associations and OHS education providers facilitated by WorkSafe Victoria. HaSPA aims to:

  • promote OHS as an area of professional practice,
  • enhance the quality of OHS professionals,
  • improve OHS service delivery to workplaces, and
  • improve OHS in Victorian workplaces.

It is the first time in Australia such an alliance has been formed.

The SIA National Board of Management (NBOM) earlier this year approved several HaSPA initiatives for national application. These were implemented on 1 June 2009. The project to develop and implement the Core Body of Knowledge for the generalist OHS professional is the latest HaSPA initiative. It is strongly supported by the SIA NBOM and the Institute will be represented in its key phases e.g. via HaSPA meetings; the Technical Panel; and a reference group being formed with the assistance of Dr Geoff Dell, SIA Dean College of Fellows.

The attached brief provides advice on the members of the projects' Technical Panel and the Project Management consultant, Enhance Solutions and their email addresses should any further clarification be required.


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