Ethics and health and safety practice – new courses

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Friday, 26 February, 2021 - 13:15
Member update
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As we move into 2021 we are pleased to announce new elements of our Ethics package, designed to support the health and safety profession as it takes on the many ethical challenges that can come up throughout a career in the field. 

Just about every person working in the field knows what we’re talking about when we refer to ethical challenges. The demands of the job present competing values from time to time, and you have to navigate those. Our commitment is to (a) support health and safety people to have the tools they need to be known and respected as ethical operators, and (b) promote the profession as having a strong ethical base for its work. That’s why both members of the AIHS as well as Certified Practitioners and Professionals are signed on to operate within an ethical framework. We invite everyone in the field to operate within that framework.

  • We recently introduced a new Chapter on ‘Ethics and Professional Practice’ in the OHS Body of Knowledge. This chapter is an important source of information for OHS professional and practitioners on the theories underpinning ethical conduct and the importance of ethical conduct in safety;
  • We have also written a new Code of Ethics and are proud to promote the fact that all AIHS members as well as all Certified Practitioners and Professionals are signatory to this code. We invite all people working in the field to join their professional association and consider applying to be certified, which helps us together, to promote the overall capability and standing of our profession;
  • Today, we are pleased to announce the final components of this package are now complete with the availability of online learning in two ethics courses:
    •  ‘The Essence of Ethics’ a foundation course in two parts: ‘introduction to ethics’, and ethical conversations. covering around 4 hours of material. Whether you’re an HSR starting out, a practitioner/advisor, WHS manager, or senior executive HSE leader, this is a course that’s worth refreshing, and having your colleagues take a look as well;
    • 'Giving Voice to Values’ a special program developed in partnership with Mary Gentile Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, which will provide an expanded toolkit in a variety of methods and techniques for voicing and enacting your own values and principles.

We invite everyone in the field to take a look at these new online courses – all of which are designed to support you to act powerfully and ethically in your role throughout your career as you face ethical dilemmas. The BoK Chapter is open source as well, and we invite you to consider joining as a signatory to our code of ethics.