Draft Model Work Health and Safety Regulations and Priority Codes of Practice – Inviting Member Input

Wednesday, 22 December, 2010 - 11:00
Industry news

On 9 December 2010, an initial notice was issued to all SIA Ltd members advising that Safe Work Australia on 7 December 2010 had released the draft model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations; priority model Codes of Practice; a Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS); and an Issues Paper, for a period of public comment which closes on Monday 4 April 2011. 

Thank you to those members who have responded to date, to the initial call on 9 December for member input and assistance. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

The SIA Ltd National Technical Panel (NTP) has now formed a working group comprising: Jon Temby FSIA (WG Chair); Dr George Rechnitzer FSIA; Sue Pilkington FSIA; Barry Sherriff FSIA (Hon); PJ Fleming FSIA; Malcolm Burgin FSIA; Grant Mandragona FSIA; Dr Steve Cowley FSIA; and Gary Lawson-Smith.

We are now calling for input from SIA Ltd members by COB Friday 11 March for inclusion in an SIA submission. The compilation of our submission will be a significant task but will only concentrate on the draft Regulations.

The Institute is not planning to make a specific submission on the draft priority Codes of Practice but would encourage members to make personal submissions direct to Safe Work Australia, as considered appropriate.

How to make a submission to the NTP Draft Model Regulations WG:

Please read the following documents: Issues paper, draft model regulations and model Codes of practice available at http://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/Legislation/PublicComment/Pages/PublicComment.aspx   
Send your submission or comments on the draft Model Regulations (only) by email, using the Safe Work Australia "Public Comment Response Form" , to safeworksubmissions@sia.org.au . Clearly identify the relevant regulations and clauses to which your comments apply.

Please provide a contact phone number if you are happy for us to ring you if we need to clarify any aspect of your submission.
Advice of your name and title will also enable us to acknowledge your submission to the members and in the SIA submission.

Members who intend to make a submission on the draft Regulations independent of the SIA are encouraged to share their views with the Institute for inclusion in the SIA submission.

SIA Ltd Divisional Committees of Management are encouraged to develop a consolidated position and submit it for inclusion, in the one SIA submission.


We will require your input please by no later than close of business Friday 11 March 2011 to allow sufficient time to collate the responses, prepare the SIA submission, submit it to the National Technical Panel and have it approved by the National Board of Management prior to lodgement with Safe Work Australia by COB 4 April 2011.

Any questions?

Any queries about making a contribution to the SIA submission should be directed to the SIA National Technical Panel via the CEO at garyls@sia.org.au .

All members should consider taking the time to become involved in this significant activity. Your expertise and insight brings a different perspective to the debate and informed contribution from the Institute will be critical in shaping the future direction of OHS legislation in Australia.

Dr George Rechnitzer, FSIA
Chair, National Technical Panel
Safety Institute of Australia Ltd