Corporate Restructure Special General Meeting Voting Outcome

Sunday, 22 May, 2011 - 10:00
Industry news


The Safety Institute of Australia Ltd will form a new not for profit, public company limited by guarantee, called the Safety Institute of Australia Ltd on 1st July 2011 after the member ballot supported the Special Resolutions required to effect the change from an Incorporated Association.
This significant and historic event marks the start of a new era for the Safety Institute of Australia and its members, most particularly in the governance of the organisation, protection of member funds and the creation of a truly national body which represents all SIA members across Australia. All members will equally share in the benefits of the organisation, no matter where they reside.
My thanks to all members who contributed to the informed debate on this proposal, those who engaged in the consultation and briefing processes, and, to the Corporate Restructure Project Team:  David Segrott, Sue Bottrell, Phil Lovelock, Gary Lawson-Smith, George Raitt and Emma-Jane Clark for their work in bringing the matters to the members. Our thanks must also go to the National Board of Management of 2009 which identified the requirement for organisational restructure as part of a broad strategic review.
Ist July 2011 will be a day to remember for the Safety Institute of Australia. The most significant change in the organisation's history will happen because we worked together to make it happen. The journey started with you and we're not at our destination yet - that collaborative approach is exactly what will take us to our full potential as the peak body for our profession in Australia.
More information about the process for the forthcoming change will be provided in coming weeks.


Sue Pilkington, FSIA
National President
Safety Institute of Australia Ltd

Cameron Montgomery, FSIA
President - VIC Division Inc
Safety Institute of Australia Ltd