Comcare: Get moving – managing the risks of sedentary work practices

Thursday, 30 August, 2012 - 10:00
Industry news

We are all aware that prolonged sitting poses significant risks to the health of workers and consequently impacts on the organisations they work for. Comcare are helping you to effectively manage the risk of sedentary work involving prolonged sitting through information provided in their newly released ‘sedentary work practices tool kit’ This toolkit provides information, guidance material and templates which can help you develop and apply a strategy to reduce prolonged sitting in the workplace.

Comcare has provided information on the risks of sedentary work practices and cost-effective strategies to reduce risks and promote work health through factsheets such as:

  • Implementing a program to reduce sedentary work practices – checklist
  • Strategies to help you stand up, sit less, move more
  • The business case for reducing sedentary work practices

There are also posters available to help you ‘spread the word’. These are titled:

  • Healthy workplace tip – drink water, stand up
  • Healthy workplace tip – stand during meetings
  • The dangers of prolonged sitting
  • Walking trails to help you to stand up, sit less, move more

These resources and more information about sedentary practices are available from the Comcare website.