Change of Certification Governance Committee Chair

Monday, 21 February, 2022 - 12:30
Member update
National News

This month, after three years of contribution to our growing Certification Program, our inaugural Certification Governance Committee (CGC) Chair Jo Kitney is stepping down to focus on her company and its expanding work. Jo was instrumental in the original design and development of the extensive document set which underpins the Certification practices, and with her inaugural committee colleagues, has laid out the foundation for the ongoing good governance of the CGC. 


AIHS Chairperson Naomi Kemp, commenting on Jo’s tenure said “on behalf of the Board, all our members and those in the profession who will be benefiting from this program in the future, I’d like to thank Jo for her strong leadership and commitment, especially in the establishment of the governance aspects of the program. As this program grows it will become a centrepiece of the professional development journey that Australian health and safety people take, throughout their career progression. It is the hard work done in recent years, in the first major phase of the program, that forms the foundation for the stronger future program, and Jo has been a critical part of leading that foundation work.”


Mrs Kemp also announced that the new CGC Chair is Christine Edwards, a current AIHS Board Member and current Deputy Chair of the CGC. Welcoming Christine to the role and wishing her success, Ms Kemp said “Christine brings her existing CGC experience to the role, and will be one of the key leaders in the next phase of change in the program. The AIHS Board has taken the decision to implement a number of new processes in Certification which link it more strongly to the marketplace and industry need. As these reforms are undertaken by our national office team, Christine and her committee will be ensuring that we maintain strong standards and integrity throughout the program. “