Bringing Rigour to OHS Practice

Sunday, 22 May, 2011 - 10:00
Media release

Are you, or someone you know thinking of attending the upcoming Queensland Safety Conference? or perhaps you have already registered.  

On Day 2 (Wednesday 22 June) of the conference we will present the Bringing Rigour to OHS Practice stream, designed specifically to assist OHS professionals to enhance their skills in evidence informed practice.  

Practicing O! HS professionals are not only required to be able to access and apply the evidence base, but they play an important role in developing the evidence base for our practice.

The Bringing Rigour to OHS Practice stream is about identifying the skills required by the OHS professional to access OHS research information, and how to build on that information by conducting research activities in their workplace as part of their practice.

Professionals attending this session will gain an insight into using action research to bring about change, and designing studies to evaluate OHS interventions. It will also examine the ethical issues associated with being an OHS professional who is applying rigour to their practice by developing their own evidence base.

Another great reason to attend...

In recognition of the importance of the profession! al development attached to this stream, those attending the entire day will receive a certificate of attendance and double Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points that contribute to maintenance of their OHS professional status.