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Brad Crockett new NSW Branch Chair

Tuesday, 12 March, 2019 - 15:15
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Brad Crockett new NSW Branch Chair

We’re pleased to welcome Brad Crockett as the new Chair of the NSW Branch.

Branches are where health and safety people get together to design the kinds of events, professional development and networking they want from their professional association in their region. As our leadership networks, they make decisions about programs and activities and it’s the job of the national office to provide the support they need to deliver. 

Brad is an active health and safety professional, having spent the last six years at Lendlease in their building and industrial services area. Prior to this his focus was in the downstream oil and chemical industries specialising in bulk liquid terminals, aircraft refueling and ship bunkering.

We asked Brad a few questions on his view of the health and safety landscape today, and discussed the shift he has witnessed within the industry throughout his career. ‘The profession’s practice continues to evolve driven by evidence-based research and does not shy away from internal reflection and challenge. Intrinsically tied to this, is the challenge of bringing all health and safety professionals along on this journey’ says Brad.

The evolution occurring within the industry according to Brad is an ‘exciting time full of positive change’. ‘Universities are providing the industry with more health and safety undergraduates than ever before, while SIA Certification supports the recognition of skills and competencies of those already in the profession.’ Brad spoke on managing the emerging experience gap by identifying ‘peer support, coaching and mentoring’ as key support systems and ‘certainly something the NSW Branch is very keen to continue’.

Brad also touched on how safety professionals are now more actively seeking to increase their impact. ‘Safety professionals have been more actively seeking a seat at the table alongside operations, finance and commercial as subject matter experts, to influence high-level business decisions so that workers continue to go home each day to what matters most’.

When looking to the NSW Branch, Brad believes the coming year looks bright with the ‘energy and enthusiasm shown by the incoming branch committee’. He said he has seen a genuine ‘passion for people, for the profession and a real desire to improve the reach of the branch locally.’ He also touched on the need for better support for regional NSW: ‘We’ll be making sure we’re not Sydney-centric, and exploring how to be more active throughout the state’ he said.

We wish Brad and all his colleagues at the NSW Branch a great year ahead.

No matter which state or territory you’re in, if you’d like to know more about how to get involved, contact: