AIHS Chair Naomi Kemp interview with

Tuesday, 25 October, 2022 - 12:45
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National News

Last week AIHS Chair Naomi Kemp was interviewed by a reporter at to speak on the incident where 26-year-old Shylah Rodden suffered injuries to her head, pelvis, arms, legs and back after she was struck by a Rebel Coaster carriage at the Royal Melbourne Show.

At the time of the interview, the incident had not yet been investigated, and Ms Kemp was approached to share her expertise on the rules and regulations of amusement rides, with Ms Kemp making it clear that she would not be commenting on the specifics of the incident.

While Naomi shared many insights regarding technical aspects of regulations of plant and equipment, and the different party’s duty of care, the article had more of a focus on which party was to blame. Although it was stated that “Ms Kemp stressed neither Ms Rodden nor the ride operators should be blamed”, this was unfortunately not the focal point of the article.

“I shared an idea that is understood within the profession that it’s important that we don’t always blame workers – or others, in this case the general public – as that creates other issues and can lead to under-reporting which in turn does not lead to safer outcomes in the workplace,” said Ms Kemp.

“I explained that while the family is trying to process this tragedy, it is not the time to be blaming parties – as that is not going to lead to improved safety of amusement rides, and improving safety outcomes is always my objective and the objective of WHS.”

With several iterations of the article and quotes now circulating the internet, the AIHS and Ms Kemp would like to clarify that Ms Kemp’s involvement was exclusively to share her expertise in clarifying the rules and regulations involved, and not to comment on who was to blame in this tragic accident.

Both the AIHS and Ms Kemp wish Ms Rodden strength and resilience in her recovery, and the AIHS will continue to focus our attention and efforts solely on making workplaces safer.