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  • What is Mentorship?

    Being a Mentor can be many things. In the context of the AIHS, our Mentorship Program is about bringing together people who want to share the knowledge and expertise that they have acquired from years in the health and safety profession, with people who want to learn from that experience. We provide this opportunity as just one part of our commitment to the personal and professional development of the people who work in the profession. 

    There are many different models which describe mentorship and the role of Mentors, and most have value. There are no hard and fast rules; however we identify the following as core principles:

    a) Mentors can be seen as coaches, guides, supporters, or peers with additional knowledge to impart. 

    b) The mentoring relationship focuses on the area that the person being mentored wishes to develop. 

    c) It is important that the relationship deliver value for both parties. 

    d) Sometimes, mentoring relationships don’t work. You might find that your schedules, skills or personalities are simply incompatible. If a mentoring relationship does not work satisfactorily for ether party, it can be terminated at any time.

  • The Mentoring Process

    There are no hard and fast rules for the process of mentoring because they are typically determined by concensus between the Mentor and the Mentee.

    Nonetheless, the following guidelines provide a useful blueprint for effective mentoring:

    What happens?

    • An initial connection is established between the Mentor and the Mentee, and both parties discuss any special knowledge or expertise that they have (ie. Mentor) or need (ie. Mentee).
    • Initial discussions are held between both parties to determine if they both feel that they are suited to a mentoring relationship.
    • Once a process is agreed upon for meetings, both parties meet as often as is deemed appropriate (regularly or irregularly) and by whichever means is deemed most suitable (face-to-face or electronically).

    Some basic principles:

    • Mentors tend be described variously as coaches, guides, supporters, or peers with additional knowledge to impart.
    • The mentoring relationship focuses on the area that the person being mentored wishes to develop.
    • The relationship is supposed to deliver value for both parties.
    • The way the relationship works – type of meetings, frequency of meetings, the nature of discussions – is determined by agreement between the Mentor and the Mentee.
    • Sometimes, mentoring relationships don’t work, and it may not be the fault of either party. Sometimes, it’s simply about personalities.

    If the mentoring relationship is not working satisfactorily for ether party, it can be terminated at any time. 

  • Requirements for mentors in this program

    The qualities and capabilities of successful mentors

    The AIHS is seeking mentors who:

    • Have a willingness to share their  skills, knowledge and expertise through supporting learning improvement rather than simply advice giving;
    • Have an ability to demonstrate the qualities of a role model – living by values and standards which reflect the higher values and ethics inherent in the field of health and safety practice
    • Are humble and complimentary in their approach to the mentoring relationship;
    • Have a demonstrated passion for workplace health and safety practices;
    • Value of the concept of thinking of health and safety in an intergenerational context, thus seeing the value inherent in fostering emerging talent; and
    • Have the capability to provide quality, meaningful feedback;
    • Can show respect for peers and understand the two way relationship;
    • Can demonstrate their own continuous improvement; and
    • Have the ability to motivate others through high engagement skills.
  • How to Become a Mentor in the AIHS Mentorship Program?

    You do not become a Mentor by simply putting up your hand.

    If you want to apply to be a Mentor, your offer to contribute is greatly appreciated.

    It is critical that before applying, you read the materials on this site which relate to roles and responsibilities of Mentors, and get a sense of the type of mentorship program we are running, to ensure that you feel you are the right fit for the program.

    To apply, you will need to:

    1. Be a current member of the AIHS

    2. Complete the FULL online application form, including answering ALL questions that form part of the mentor application.

    3. Submit your current resume.

    4. Be willing to undergo an orientation, and discuss your goals and your understanding of mentorship with our program coordinator.

    The AIHS is putting its name to this program, and we must conduct our own due diligence. As a result, if we have a concern that you might not be the right fit for the program, we reserve the right to politely decline your offer.

  • How do I give Feedback?

    The AIHS always welcomes feedback from its members about the products and services on offer to our members.

    Feel free to contact us with any ideas, or if you have any concerns, at