• Trusted knowledge in a world full of data
  • Career develoment and high quality training 
  • Networking and peer support
  • Giving back and sharing wisdom and knowledge
  • Advocacy for the health and safety profession
  • Building better standards in health and safety 
The Institute is built from the collective work of thousands of health and safety people who come together to improve health and safety in Australia. It's about the work you do yourself with us, the connections you create with colleagues in the field, and the work we do on your behalf:
  • Individual professional development:Learning from and helping others, engaging in networking, discussing and debating emerging issues of the time,and doing training to supplement your practice knowledge.

  • Improving health and safety practice: Includes our work maintaining the OHS Body of Knowledge, the OHS Profession Certification program, Higher Education Accreditation, Training Endorsement program and Ethics framework.

  • Advocating for improved legislation, regulation and overall health and safety standards: We undertake a wide range of policy and advocacy work, supported by or driven by our members, to give a policy voice to the profession. This isn't the employer or the Union voice - its an evidence based voice with one goal: healthy, safe and productive workplaces.

As a member, in addition to these things, you get access to a wide range of information services, free and discounted products, and training. 

If being part of this is for you, choose one of the membership options below to join. If you are a current member and are looking to renew please login to member portal.

If you have any questions please send us an email at membership@aihs.org.au.

Suitable for:
  • Managers and executives who have WHS/OHS responsibilities
  • WHS/OHS practitioners and professionals
  • Health and Safety Representatives
  • Trainees and graduates in entry level WHS/OHS roles
  • Anyone with an interest, working or volunteering in WHS/OHS
Annual fee $200 + GST
  • Current student
  • Not working full time
  • Must provide evidence of study in form of enrolment on joining; or
  • Must provide evidence of study in form of enrolment on renewal
Annual fee $0
  • Recently completed your studies
  • Has been employed for less than 12 months
  • 12 months only to help with transition to AIHS membership
  • Opportunity for free Trainee/Graduate certification application (must meet criteria and requirements - VALUED AT $135)
One Year $90 + GST


Special Rates

Special rates are available for companies wishing to purchase multiple individual memberships.

Corporate Membership

There are 4 different types of corporate memberships. To find out how we help corporate members and how to get involved request more info or click on the learn more button.