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Our ads connect with thousands of health and safety practitioners and professionals by publishing on our website, and pushing job alerts weekly - every Thursday -  through our eNews and job alert emails.

How to post a Job Ad

Just click the contact links below.  If you would like the job ad to be up longer or shorter than 30 days, please specify that in your email, otherwise, it will expire after 30 days from when the ad was first placed.

What is the cost of an Ad?
The associated cost for placing a job advertisement with AIHS is $250 + GST or can be lodged free of charge (see below)
Payment for all advertising is paid in advance. 

Lodge your ad FREE of charge: Would you like greater confidence that the person you're looking for is capable and works to an ethical framework? 

We are committed to promoting the capability and ethical practices of the profession. 

  • Membership of the Institute demonstrates the commitment to ethical practice through the signing of a detailed code of conduct, and from 2021, the completion of ethics training.
  • Certified health and safety practitioners and professionals have been through an internationally recognised process that checks qualifications and experience, and assesses capability at the level certification is sought. 

We will post your ad FREE OF CHARGE if you include it in both the job ad and the position description:

  • Membership of the AIHS as a signatory to its code of ethics will be highly regarded; (depending on the role, you may wish to identify one or the other). 
  • Certification as an OHS practitioner/professional will be highly regarded.

These things add value to your ad because you can be more confident that candidates who fit these criteria work to an ethical framework and have been through a certification assessment.  As non-essential criteria, placing them in the ad does not exclude others from applying. 

A tool to help with a role description, and the knowledge and skill requirements.

If you're thinking about the knowledge and skill requirements for the role, take a look at the OHS Professional Capability Framework - a Global Framework for Practice.  It's a great reference document for describing the knowledge and skill requirements for health and safety roles at different levels, and can help you define the requirements and expectations of the role. 

Post a FREE job ad: Just contact our office direct at (03) 8336 1995 or contact to organise this.

Post a paid Job Ad click this link.