ISA 360 – Integral Safety Assessment

How do your safety leaders measure up?

ISA 360 – Integral Safety Assessment - is an independent and reliable capability assessment that identifies individual behaviours, beliefs and attitudes towards safety & enables transformation of the safety culture of your organisation.

Our research based on the perspectives of 512 individuals working in highly safety critical environments identified four safety leadership capability areas required to be truly ‘Integral’.

Commitment: the leader’s ability to have and demonstrate a personal commitment to safety and effectively engage others in the commitment.

Curiosity: the leader’s ability to listen effectively in a way that seeks a greater understanding of all perspectives.

Caring Actively: the leader’s ability to produce a desired or intended result through genuinely caring about people.

Interconnectedness: the leader’s ability to optimise both personal and process safety, at the individual and organisational level to ensure everyone works safely.

ISA enables organisations to identify their biggest gaps, risks and opportunities across 4 Capability areas and is suitable for leaders at all levels, including emerging leaders and OSH representatives.

Our analysis has shown that each of the 4 Safety Leadership Capability Areas have a positive impact on the way staff feel and behave at work. We have shown that an improvement in the 4 safety capability areas WILL lead to an improvement in workforce behaviour. We’ve created a case study summarising how this process worked and the results an organisation saw using this tool.

To learn more and request a copy of a case study, please get in touch by clicking here.

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