The CPD Process

While the CPD process enables individuals to complete a Plan – Do – Record & Reflect cycle, the critical element for Certified Practitioners and Professionals is to ensure that you Record and Reflect the activities you complete using the CPD online platform provided in the Member Portal by AIHS. You are required to submit your completed CPD Logbook via the platform within 1 month of the end of each CPD reporting cycle (this may not be the financial year as your reporting cycle started the day you were certified).


Do I have to complete the CPD Logbook?

All Certified Practitioners and Professionals are required to complete the 'Record and Reflect' for each CPD activity. Certified practitioners and professionals who fail to submit a CPD Logbook annually will be asked why they have not made a submission and may be subject to audit.

CPD is not compulsory if you are an AIHS Member or Fellow and are not certified. However, it is a useful tool to help you identify and record appropriate and relevant professional development activities.