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Wednesday, 8 April, 2020 - 14:30 to 15:30
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)


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Australian Institute of Health & Safety
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Join us on Wednesday 8 April for a webinar presentation titled: Working from home.

All of Australia is now trying to avoid contact with each other, in order to flatten the curve of new cases of coronavirus infection so we don’t overload our healthcare system.
With government-imposed restrictions on gathering in groups of more than 100 (a size which may reduce in the coming days - in the USA group sizes are limited to 10), many people will be experiencing working from home for the first time.  Many will love it – some will not.
Many people are unprepared for transitioning to working from home lifestyle, even in the short-term.  With working from home likely to become more the norm, it’s important for employees – and their employers – to work out how this can be done safely.
And with the rapidly changing paradigms of what constitutes work and workplaces, the health and safety profession itself is facing significant challenges. 

The presenter is Dr David McIvor, CEO of WorkSafety Pty Ltd. David has been consulting and training in WHS / OHS for 30 years and seen the transition away from working in manufacturing etc, to working remotely - mainly from home - under flexible working arrangements. Last year he published the "Working from Home Safety Handbook - an employee guide to working safely from home".
He is a Chartered Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety (formerly the Safety Institute of Australia) and a Member of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia.
Working from home sounds easy, but there are number of risks and pitfalls that working people and their employers may not be aware of. In this webinar, David will discuss many of the traps and challenges of working from home - and discuss many tips and ideas on how to do so safely, including setting up a home office and taking advantage of technology to assist work

“There is some good sage medical advice available about how to minimise infection risks, but there is very little information or guidance on how to actually manage working from home, especially when people and their families may not be used to doing this and are not prepared for the challenges and traps.  Working from home sounds easy, but there are a number of risks that working people and their employers may not be aware of”, says Dr McIvor.

Dr McIvor identifies the following issues associated with working from home:

·         dealing with the children who will be home for an extended period with schools closed

·         maintaining a healthy work/life/social/family balance

·         protecting psychological health and mental wellness

For employees working from home, some other issues of importance include:

·         Meeting work deadlines

·         Making use of technology

·         Knowing when to stop

·         Keeping fit and active

·         Combatting social isolation.

For employers, in addition to all the above, other issues for consideration include:

·         Legal duties (under WHS or OHS legislation) to ensure employees health and safety while AT WORK and to provide healthy and safe working environments

·         Developing flexible working arrangements and agreements

·         Maintaining contact with teams of employees who are now working remotely

·         On-line and cybersecurity of data and information

·         Safety of visitors to worker’s home during work times


These and other issues will be discussed during the webinar and are covered in detail in the working from home safety handbook

Date: Wednesday 8 April
Time: 14:30-15:30 AEST
Cost: $20+ GST Members | $65 + GST Non Member
Format: Webinar


Dr David McIvor is CEO of Work Safety Pty Limited and has over 30 years of experience. He is the author of the ‘WORKING FROM HOME SAFETY HANDBOOK; An employee guide to working safely from home’.
Dr David is a Chartered Generalist Professional member of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety and is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.