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Wednesday, 23 September, 2020 - 14:30 to 15:30
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)


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Australian Institute of Health & Safety
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Join us on Wednesday 23 September for a webinar presentation titled: Safety Intelligence, do you get it? Presented by David George, Director at One Safe Step 

David was instrumental in the development of safety programs to drive behavioural change regarding work methodologies including direction, advice, and guidance to supervisors, crews, and contractors with respect to choices made. He facilitated this program to all worksites with follow up coaching and mentoring to ensure the continuity of behavioural management and safety cultural change. This was critical in reducing potential hazards on site, injuries, non-conformances, and enhancing a heightened work ethic.

David had found that continually working with crews on the ground level and giving them the confidence to be able to make good choices and the reason why they are making that choice, not just out of being told to but of wanting to be safe. A lot of the training is aimed at the supervisor, this is obviously all well and good but does this get passed on to the worker. This is where the need for the actual worker to be as educated so as they can support the supervisor for safety on site.

There are 4 stages of learning :
Explanation -Everyone is on the same page and in the same direction.
Demonstration – Show with leadership and engagement.
Imitation – Seen to be reinforcing the commitment to safety and quality.  Monkey see Monkey do
Repetition – Consistent with the standards set and messages relayed I always feel that It is worse to give employees no feedback at all than to provide negative feedback. The feeling of being ignored leads to employee disengagement.

What all workers need to understand is:
1- Knowledge – Imparting of words to who wants to hear them. 
2 – Comprehension - Understanding of that knowledge. 
3 – Application – Ability to use this knowledge.

The practicality of safety. What is the use of training if it is not understood or even worse misunderstood.

  • Everybody, as we know, learns differently.
  • If they don't understand they will dismiss it all.
  • Some are tactile, some are visual, some are thinkers, some are abstract, some are musical.
  • ​Find their groove and safety will make them move.

​Use different ways and means. Follow up and reinforce, encourage, and be patient as a mouse.

Date: Wednesday 23 September 2020
Time: 14:30 - 15:30 AEST
Format: Webinar Format - Log in details will be emailed to registered attendees 1-2 days prior to the webinar. 
Cost: AIHS / AIOH / HFESA Members - $20+GST
Non-Members - $65+GST

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE 2:00 pm AEST on Tuesday 22 September.

This webinar will be recorded and distributed to paid registered attendees 3-4 days after the event.


David George, Director, One Safe Step

David has been a Project Health Safety Environmental Manager for the $200 million Toyota Closure Project, I developed and maintained the contractor pre-qualification system that ensured over 80 contractor crews (350 workers) were aware of site conditions and the expectation of the high level of safety required in order to work in a high-risk environment. I also developed the Toyota Closure Project OHS Management Systems and Emergency Management Plans and rolled this out into site project operations. Worked in a variety of industries such as automotive, health services, FIFO oil pipeline building and installation, high risk construction works including road building and bridge development, subdivisional planning, and creation.