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Webinar presentation titled: Safety and the Brain- The role Neuroscience Plays in Safety Performance  presented by Abby Hunt, 

This webinar was originally presented on 15 May 2020

Discover the role Neuroscience plays in Safety Performance. 

As a Psychologist, Abby’s expertise and experience over the past 20 years have been assisting individuals, couples, families, teams, and organisations to reach their full potential. Her approach to this is transformational, in that it works with people to help them understand how their mindset and views lead to certain actions and results, and how to transform their thinking to achieve ongoing behavioural change.

Most individuals and organisations want to see this behavioural change, and therefore other leadership programs and performance coaches often only work at this level. Abby addresses the person’s deep-held views and works with them to transform these views their way of thinking, and subsequently their actions so that an authentic and lasting behavioural change can occur.

Abby has provided extensive custom-designed Transformational Leadership Programs, one-on-one leadership and performance coaching, and delivered staff workshops helping teams and leaders with practical responses to challenging workplace situations.


You will leave this webinar with: 

  • An understanding of how your leadership style impacts the brain and performance outcomes
  • A whole new perspective on your relationship and personal connection with safety
  • Knowledge on the 4 most powerful factors proven to drive safety performance
  • Knowledge of how to achieve safer outcomes in your workplace through creating a "safe brain" environment 

AIHS / AIOH / HFESA Members - $10.00 +GST
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Abby Hunt - Masters Psychology (counselling); Post Graduate Diploma (Rehabilitation Counselling); Bachelor of Science (Psychology); Cert IV Training and Assessing; 


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