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This webinar was originally presented on 1 May 2019

Webinar presented titled: The Fast Way to Professional Success in Safety. Presented by Rob.B.Low, Found of Success Superpowers, Safety Educator.

About the Webinar

Recently I was reading an article that quotes Steve Jobs (Apple Founder) who indicated that a significant contribution to the continued success of Apple was that appreciation that no one individual could move the company forward, that it really takes a team. Even when you have that epiphany at 3:00am it is going to be a product of past interactions with different people that has informed and energised your thinking. In truth, any idea or progress is an evolution of something that came before us. We can have the perceived new ideas but need to acknowledge the fore fathers who set in place the foundations on which we build our thinking and our practice. 

Your growth as a safety professional (as a person in general) is the product of a team of people that came before you pioneering their concepts they had evolved from those who came before them and so on. 

Who are YOU looking to for your professional growth?

Who is on YOUR team today?

Learning Outcomes:

This session will focus on the purpose of mentoring as part of your professional growth. I intend to cover, but not limited to the following:

1. What makes a good mentor?

2. When is the right time to seek a mentor?

3. Who can be a mentor for you?

4. What you need to be a valuable mentor to others?

AIHS / AIOH / HFESA Members - $10.00 +GST
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Rob.B.Low, Found of Success Superpowers, Safety Educator.


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